Sunday, August 31, 2008

cold cold wet day

the sun did not shine. it was too wet to play. so we sat and we sat all that cold cold wet day. i sat there with edda...

mommy! this is my blog! this is not the place where you recite the cat in the hat to freya and i!

sorry, sweetheart!

ok... here's a picture from the archives:

the blanket was made by daddy's mom for my mommy for christmas 8 years ago. the picture was taken in mommy's old office in minnesota.

it's a cold wet day here in montana. mommy slept part of the night upstairs wanting to listen to the rain fall and i woke her up at 6:45 after she had moved downstairs. she reminded me that this is sunday and she gets to sleep in a bit on sundays. i woke her up again at 7:15. she reminded me again that this is sunday and she gets to sleep in a bit on sundays and would i please put my cat alarm on snooze? when her nasty beeping alarm went off at 8:00, she picked me up and i snuggled her until she had to get up ten minutes later and get ready to go to church with daddy so he could teach people about Jesus.

daddy only had to go to one church today because the roads up north are all yucky with the rain so he came in after mommy had been home for awhile. i was upstairs in mommy's study where she had her heater on and i had brought her one of my catnip mouses. she petted me and told me that i was a good panther.

huffle complained about her mommy's "sleepy pants" so i thought i'd show you the ones my mommy is wearing today so us cats could compare.

here's a close-up of the pants:

i actually like mommy's pants -- they're soft and i can crawl into the legs of them and sleep when she's gone during the day. (a note from edda's mommy, jen: i'm not sure i like edda telling y'all that she can fit into the legs of my pj bottoms so i feel compelled to explain that edda is not a very large panther and these pants are a size too big and very stretchy.)



Tracey and Huffle said...

Edda - does this mean you let your mum take new photos of you? I can't believe it.

I have never thought of crawling into mum's sleepy pants and sleeping. Usually I just get under the doona. I'll have to consider this idea though.

Huffle Mawson

GRRRETA said...

I bet your mommy never imagined she would be sharing her sleepy pants with you. They look very comfy. I don't blame you for using them when she's out.

edda said...

huffle: she didn't ask my permission first and she was very sneaky in taking the pictures.