Monday, September 1, 2008

another cold cold wet day

here is the daily archive picture:

it was taken when we were moving from minnesota to montana three years ago. i am on top of the mattress supervising mommy and daddy packing up the bedroom.

it is still raining here in montana. the power went out this morning so i had to stay with mommy to make sure she woke up on time. (i later found out that her alarm clock was turned off anyway.) my brother finian and i kept her company in bed while cullen and freya helped daddy make sure the water was ok and other things were going well. (we have a weird water system because we live out in the country and daddy had to play with it this morning so we could have water until the power came back on. i don't care about this but i guess it is important for mommy and daddy.) mommy got up just as the power came back on.

mommy's study has been the warmest place in the house because she has her space heater on. the warm air goes under her desk so i go under there to hang out because it creates a panther sauna. i stayed under there for awhile last night and i was under there this afternoon when mommy snapped my picture.

i was not amused and skulked off to go where she wouldn't use the flashy thing on me.

my sister freya wanted to find a cat cave to take a nap. unfortunately, she forgot that she needed to completely camouflage herself if she wanted to hide from mommy's flashy thing...

no wonder mommy refers to her as "not one of nature's best camouflage jobs"!

mommy and daddy don't have work today so i will have to have extra love time with both of them as i know they will be gone a lot this week!



Tracey and Huffle said...

We had our power go out once. Mum and dad went out for dinner and left me HOME ALONE! I was no impressed.

Huffle Mawson

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

I guess since woo are a blakhk one woo aren't khompletely bad...

Glad your mom loves Nickel Creek...

Thanks fur stopping by...