Sunday, August 17, 2008

mommy and migraines

first, the pre-requisite archived picture:

this is me on an afghan that mommy was making for my aunt joanna (daddy's younger sister). it was three black stripes with two green stripes in between. as you can see, i blended in well.

my mommy gets migraines from time to time and it has been more frequent lately. at 12:45 this morning, she started getting the aura of one but couldn't take her pill because it would have interacted with another one she took. needless to say, she woke up in pain this morning and spent most of the day asleep with a quilt pulled over her head. my brothers cullen and finian and i had to take care of her as daddy was off teaching people about Jesus. cullen curled up on top of her and purred with his jet engine motor while finian and i took turns sleeping on the top of the couch watching her and sitting in the window being sentry kitties. i woke her up several times so she could get a drink of water and use the human litterbox.

when daddy came home, he woke her up and made her eat something. she felt a little better after that. she's helping me blog right now but she'll probably go back downstairs after that because it's hot up in her study and the heat makes her feel worse. (a note from edda's mommy, jen: actually, i'll probably take a shower and cool myself off as it's 90F here in montana and i think that might be part of it.)

mommy has to go to work tomorrow so she can buy me tuna and catnip, so i hope she feels better soon. meanwhile, i need to go make sure she rests well. i am a black cat after all and it is my job to take care of her.



Jewelgirl said...

Nice to meet you Edda!
Lots of Purrs :)
Spooky Do from House Panthers

Tracey and Huffle said...

My mum gets migraines too - she is allergic to peanuts and sometimes can't tell if they are in food. When she gets a headache I sit on her lap and purr a lot - it seems to help! I am sure you are doing a good job looking after your mum too.

Huffle Mawson