Tuesday, October 27, 2009

special day coming up

saturday is halloween, which is my special black cat day. mommy and daddy will still be away in the morning but hopefully home in the evening so i can have tuna.

speaking of tuna, grandma and grandpa were here this past weekend and grandma gave us all kinds of stinky goodness. (the smell of it makes mommy vomit so we don't get it often.) grandma also spoiled me with lots of playing and petting. i like grandma.

mommy is home sick today and the evil white stuff is on the ground. i thoroughly object to the latter thing -- snow is icky. it made it hard for daddy to go into town today to get tea for mommy! i am curled up at mommy's feet helping her nap. i am a good black cat.

the daniel kitten has his 6-month vet appointment on thursday morning. he will have to get lots of shots and mommy/daddy will probably have to get a special shot for the pig flu. i hope this one doesn't make mommy sick like her flu shot can.


Saturday, October 17, 2009

mommy needs some help!

my mommy is the charity liaison for blogathon.org and she's trying to find some charities for cats and dogs to feature on their site next year. (blogathon 2010 is not until july 31st but she always has something happen to her in the middle of her planning so she's doing it early.) if you know of one (especially a dog charity), could you please leave a comment.

thanks from mommy and me!


Sunday, October 11, 2009

daniel kitten on twitter

mommy is exhausted from the daniel kitten not sleeping last night (or this morning or this afternoon) so she asked me if i could announce to all of you that he now has a twitter account to make it easier for mommy to update.

the link is: http://twitter.com/danieljameskm.

it snowed a little bit on thursday. i am not amused.


Thursday, October 8, 2009

six months old!

the daniel kitten turned six months old yesterday. mommy can't believe that it was six months ago that she was very sick at the BIG vet in great falls, having to have him taken out of her tummy. she still has ouchy spots in her tummy from it and had to see the doctor today to make sure those spots didn't need to be worked on.

he now weighs more than me, my brother finian, and possibly my brother cullen. (my sister freya is a little plump so he might still weigh less than her. mommy and daddy tried giving him rice cereal (rice powder with some human kitten formula) and he ate it right up. freya decided to help though.

we're a messy eater.

hi. i'd like some please.

mommy also wanted me to post the next picture of daniel to show how big he is now.

mr. sneaky smile wrapped in the blanket that mommy made for him.