Thursday, September 24, 2009

left behind

mommy and daddy and the daniel kitten left this morning for cali-fur-nia to visit daddy's family and go to an interview for a church job for daddy. my babysitter is coming over to play with us while they are gone but i am still very unhappy. i tried to come with them by curling up in mommy's BIG black bag last night but she made me get out. i tried going outside with them this morning but mommy caught me.

what is a black cat to do?


Thursday, September 17, 2009

mommy's bad week

mommy was sick on monday so she went to the vet. after seeing her vet and getting her icky pills, she was driving to get something to eat when someone crashed into the back of her car at 35 mph. (mommy was stopped at the time.) mommy is fine -- just a bruised paw and a sore back/neck but the other driver apparently wasn't wearing their seatbelt and has other injuries. mommy's car is totalled and she is waiting for the montana highway patrol to send her the paperwork to make a report.

this is good news for me because it meant that she could not take me to the vet today for my check-up and shots. it is bad news in all other ways.

mommy also has a question for y'all: my sister freya goes crazy for her after she showers and wants to lick and clean her. do any of you do that to your humans??? mommy thinks it's something in her shower gel.


Friday, September 11, 2009

the hernias are gone

mommy and daddy left my siblings and i at home from wednesday afternoon until today because the daniel kitten had to have surgery on his tummy down in great falls. he had two hernias that were left over from him being born early and they had to wait until he was a certain age to fix them.

i heard mommy talking on the phone and she said that the daniel kitten slept through wednesday night even though they were expecting him to be howly over not being allowed to eat or drink. the surgery took only an hour and he was allowed to leave the surgery vet about 1 1/2 later because he had a wet diaper. mommy said that he was grumpy when they brought him to her because he was hungry and all they would give him was water. (he had never had water before.) after they got back to the motel and fed him, mommy said that he was like his usual self.

last night, they all went and visited mommy's aunt dori and uncle david as well as my cousins chief and fluffy. mommy's cousin joe and his son will were there too. they spent another night down in great falls and came home today.

right now, he is asleep next to mommy and me in his dude recliner. i am on mommy's lap catching up on my petting. i was deprived for two days, you know!


Friday, September 4, 2009


my friend mr.sippi went over the rainbow bridge today. mommy and daddy and i are very sad. he and his mom used to go visit the daniel kitten's site when he was in the hospital. i know my mommy really appreciated it.

please purr hard for his family if you're a cat and pray if you're a human.