Saturday, November 28, 2009

finally an update!

excuse the lack of updates. mommy has been participating in nanowrimo and daddy does not know how to help me blog. (yes, mommy needs to teach him how. unfortunately, this results in much hissing back and forth between them so mommy just does it.)

on sunday, mommy set up the playpen for the daniel kitten so he could roll around and try to crawl in an enclosed space. he was not using it that afternoon so i decided to check it out.

(mommy says to ignore the mess -- she's been busy and hasn't had time to pick up.)

daddy told me to get out of the playpen but mommy grabbed her camera and took pictures instead. she then put the daniel kitten in to see what would happen.

(note the lions on the feet of his sleeper.)

so far, i have suffered the injustice of having to share the playpen with the daniel kitten a few times a day. mommy tells me to be patient and let him explore because it is much better than him crawling around outside it and chasing me. i can also get out on my own -- he can't.


Saturday, November 7, 2009

daniel kitten is teething

the daniel kitten has been crabby and meowy lately. mommy says that he is teething and that one of his fangs is coming in. i don't remember being that howly when my fangs came in but i also was not living with mommy and daddy at the time so they cannot remind me. mommy keeps his pacifiers in the freezer and she gives him human kitten tylenol from time to time. she also rubs red stuff on his gums which is supposed to make them stop hurting. he is also drinking twice his normal amount of milk and eating some yucky runny food which mommy says means he is growing. i do not like the runny human fruits and vegetables but i would not mind if mommy gave me some of the rice cereal.

he is also starting to learn to crawl. this is not good. if he can crawl, he can chase us and i do not approve of this at all! mommy said that she will put up barriers that we kitties can jump over and escape the daniel kitten but i do not know how long that will last.