Saturday, August 23, 2008

saturday mornings

here is a picture of me helping with the laundry:

i like to curl up in the laundry hamper and help "sort" the clothes. mommy and daddy should know by now that all the dark clothes go in with me! i don't understand why the light-colored sheets got tossed in here!

mommy fell asleep on the coutch watching tv last night and i didn't know that this was a sleep-in morning for her so i woke her up at 7:15. after she visited the human litterbox, she grabbed me and went into the bedroom to climb into bed with daddy. i snuggled both of them to make up for waking mommy up early on a day when she could have slept in and snuggled with me. they stayed in bed for a long time this morning -- i think both of them were tired from the week.

daddy left mommy and i around 10 so he could take a shower to get ready for the trip to great falls. mommy and i got an extra 30 minutes of cuddle time before she had to get up and take a shower too. they had to go to great falls to get mommy's sunglasses made and to buy catfood for my brothers and sister and me. they also had lots of human food when they got back. i tried to help put it away but mommy told me that it wasn't in my job description. at least i tried to help!

mommy still has to give me the yucky white medicine but she pets me and loves me up before and after she gives it to me. she also shoots it down my throat so i don't have to taste it too much. she says the lump on my chin is better which i guess is good.

tomorrow, she and daddy have to go to the building where daddy teaches people about Jesus. mommy is singing tomorrow too. they have joked about taking me but i don't think the people at the building would appreciate it. i am a well-behaved panther but some of them don't like panthers, i guess. i hope mommy brings my babysitter back with her so i can cuddle with her too.


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Tracey and Huffle said...

You are very good to your mummy Edda. I wake mum up so I can get under the doona, it's not for her, it's all about me!

My mum went shopping and came back with food for me today too. Stinky liver and bacon in gravy - my favourite!

Huffle Mawson