Sunday, November 30, 2008

kitten pictures

mommy has to have an ultrasound tomorrow. she told me that it is for taking pictures of the kitten in her belly. i asked if she would find out whether it was a tomcat or not. she said that she would not this time but she would probably find out when they do one in february.

mommy has been home for the last three days because of thanksgiving. i have enjoyed having her home and i will be sad when she has to go back to work tomorrow. she has been giving me lots of cuddles.


Thursday, November 27, 2008


it is thanksgiving in the usa today so mommy advised me to make a list of things for which i am thankful.

i am thankful for...
-my mommy and my daddy
-my brothers cullen and finian and my sister freya
-windowsills on sunny days
-mommy's crocheting when she leaves it unattended
-my friends online
-places i can make into cat caves
-laundry piles on which i can sleep
-days when mommy is home on the couch and gives me extra snuggles

mommy and daddy did not have anywhere to go this year so they had a quiet day at home. mommy made lasagna and garlic bread and they had a nice dinner together. maybe i will get tuna later on for my thanksgiving meal.


Sunday, November 23, 2008

still have a sick mommy

mommy is still sick with the cold that daddy and some other people gave her. she has been in bed for the last four days and my brother cullen and i have kept her company when she has been on the couch sleeping or watching tv. she thinks she is probably crazy but she wants to go to work tomorrow. i don't know if i want her to or not. i get extra cuddles if she is home but if she goes to work, she can buy me tuna.

the montana state bobcats were beaten soundly by the university of montana grizzlies yesterday so i am not a happy panther. mommy watched part of the game with me but she's not a huge fan of american football so she tried to find other things to watch. i just hope the carolina panthers win their game today.


Friday, November 21, 2008

message for huffle

psst! huffle!

give your mommy and daddy much cattitude when they take you to your panther doctor. pee in the carrier if necessary.

also... tell your mommy that mommy appreciated the comments on her pregnancy blog. she can use cheerleaders, especially ones that give unsolicited advice. ;) (mommy told me that the previous comment was supposed to be sarcastic but she honestly appreciates cheerleaders of any kind. advice is, i guess, also good in any case.)

i have been keeping mommy company and sleeping with her the last couple days and purring for her. she says that it has made being sick less icky. i have liked having her curled up on the couch. i get unlimited laptime even if it means that she isn't buying me tuna. (she says i have to eat the stuff in the refrigerator first. however, i can't open the packets by myself so i need her to help me!)


Thursday, November 20, 2008

switching places

mommy is home sick for the second day in a row. well... yesterday, she was gone to great falls to see her headache vet. she almost collapsed on the floor when she got home because she was so exhausted. today, she has been sleeping most of the time. this sickness is not due to the kitten in her belly though -- daddy gave her the cough he had and she has lost her voice. she is trying to get better so she can go to work tomorrow to earn money to buy me tuna.

while mommy is up here on the laptop, i have taken over my sister freya's computer spot. usually, freya curls up on the camping chair next to mommy. freya is not around though so i am taking over the chair! i hope freya does not come upstairs and make me give it back!


Saturday, November 15, 2008

life here on the montana prairie

it is very windy today. mommy came home from church and errands with her hair blown in every direction. i am glad that i am not an outdoor cat because i might be blown away.

i asked mommy about the questions you all have and she suggested i interview her so she can answer all my questions at once. here's a picture of the two of us. mommy says to forgive her for the messy hair -- it hasn't been the same since the wind blew it around. her comments are the slanty-typed ones.

-hi mommy.
-hey princess.
-my friends online have questions about the kitten in your belly. will you answer some of them?
-sure. let me turn the space heater on first so you can have your black cat sauna time.
-everyone wants to know what it is. do you know yet?
-nope. we won't know until around february 15th at the earliest when i go have a picture taken of the kitten in my belly by a special machine called an ultrasound. are you hoping for a brother or a sister?
-khyra asked me that last question. i think i want a sister but i will be happy with whatever comes out. what are you and daddy going to call the kitten?
-if it is a tomkitten, it will definitely be "daniel james". if it is a little girl, we like "kathleen moira" or "katie" for short. we also might just name her "cady moira".
-huffle's mommy wanted to know how your vet appointments have been. huffle said you can scratch the vet if you don't like what is being done.
-i wish i could scratch my doctor (what we call the human vet) if i didn't like what was being done! actually, i like my doctor. her name is michelle and she is wonderful. she is happy with how i am doing. when i go in, they take a urine sample to make sure things are ok and they listen to my heart/lungs. they also have taken blood to make sure that certain things are at appropriate levels. i am excited for the next appointment because we might be able to hear the kitten's heartbeat.
-will i have to bathe the kitten?
-no. daddy and i will give it baths in the sink like we did with you when you were much smaller.
-will i have to feed it? will it give me tuna?
-no. daddy and i will feed it, mostly me. i don't think it will be able to give you tuna until it is much bigger. you only get tuna on special occasions anyway.
-how big is the kitten right now?
-it is the size of a jelly bean. oh wait... in cat terms, it is about the size of one of your paw pads.
-that small?
-yes, that small. it will get much bigger very quickly though.
-when does the kitten come out of your belly?
-the estimated due date is june 20th. it could be before or after that date though.
-will it love me? will you still love me?
-of course you will still be loved by daddy and i. you are our love panther!!! the baby will learn to love you as it grows up and we will try very hard to teach it not to pull your tail.
-will there be lots of visitors when it comes?
-there probably will. the only ones you have to be nice to are your grandmothers (who will probably give you tuna to make them like you -- the rest you can ignore or hide during their visits.
-i think that is the end of my questions. thank you mommy!
-no problem, sweetheart. if your friends have any other questions, they can go to my pregnancy blog.

here is the t-shirt mommy was wearing today:


Thursday, November 13, 2008

mommy's vet appointment

mommy's vet appointment about the kitten in her belly went well. the kitten is not big enough for them to be able to listen to its heartbeat yet and they cannot tell whether it is a tomcat or a little girl. mommy is doing well except for being very tired these days. i have to give her lots of cuddles on the couch.

it is nasty and snowy and windy outside. i do not like it one bit!


Monday, November 10, 2008

busy week!

we got snow on election day. that made me very nervous and the next day, i kept chirping at mommy who was on the couch sick with a migraine because i didn't know what to do with snow. it is white. i am black. it is the opposite of me!

mommy also reminded me last week that my sister freya and i had come to live with them 5 years ago! we were adopted from a vet in granville, ohio near where daddy was doing his pastor training. they adopted my brothers cullen and finian from there one year before they adopted freya and i. we were a surprise adoption and mommy said they fell in love with us when they first saw us. i was 4 months old when they adopted me. freya was 8 weeks old, a squirt of a kitten, and had been fostered with rottweilers. they adopted me with her to teach her how to be a cat!

mommy has a vet appointment tomorrow to check on the kitten in her belly. she is a little bit nervous but i think it will go ok.


Wednesday, November 5, 2008


it snowed today!!!!! it is all white outside!!!! what is a black cat like me to do??????


Sunday, November 2, 2008

what to do with a human kitten

here's a picture of the cat-o-lantern mommy carved for my black cat day:

many of you know that mommy has a kitten in her belly that will be coming out next june. i need to know what to do with a human kitten. do i have bathe it? can it pet me? will it give me tuna? those of you who live with human kittens: can you give me any advice?