Sunday, August 3, 2008

sleepy sunday

today, daddy disappeared with his bags. mommy says he's going to go play in the woods and teach human kittens about Jesus. mommy came home and fell asleep on the couch like she does lots of times on sunday. i helped her by sleeping above her and dropping my tail down to tickle her. when she woke up, she picked me up and put me on her and told me that it was wake-up snuggle time. but i am a black cat with appointments! i do not have time for a wake-up snuggle! she told me to pencil her in. *cat sigh*

there are new bunnies outside. i meowed at them to let mommy know but she says i can't go outside and play with them. there were also lots of trains for me to stalk today after my late afternoon nap.



Sue said...

We don't have our own blog, but we use Mom's sign-in sometimes.

We'll check in again soon!

Truffle and Ouzo

edda said...

tell your mommy to let you use her sign-in more often.