Friday, October 31, 2008

black cat day

first, i'd like to wish a happy black cat day (hallowe'en) to huffle and all the other house panthers! today is our special day!!!

mommy needed a costume so she put on her black cat ears and tail and went to work that way today. she gave me lots of pets before she left and told me how special this day was for me. when she got to work, she realized that she needed to add to her costume, so she got a computer mouse and dangled it out of her pocket so she could say that she caught a mouse. (her co-workers think she is a geek. i kind of agree.)

one of her co-workers was dressed as a witch so mommy became her black cat. this co-worker gave mommy a black cat which she introduced to me tonight. it's name is trickery.

i think trickery is cool.

we had lots of human kittens coming around in costume tonight. one was even dressed as a black cat! mommy got home in time to see a few of them. here is mommy in costume with me.

mommy doesn't have the mouse on her hip because she had to leave it at work.

it has been a good black cat day today!


Wednesday, October 29, 2008


first (for mr. sippi, mama, and beautiful carolina), here's a picture that grandma took of me and my brother finian:

my sister freya has been beating me up every time i try to come in and blog so... here are the pictures to prove that she's a sweet lapkitty. she was on grandma's lap and mommy snapped the pictures.

not such a ferocious cat are we, freya?


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

pizza and a movie night

no picture of me today because mommy does not have any new ones. (grandma needs to send her some that were taken when she was visiting us.)

mommy and daddy had our babysitter over for pizza and a movie last night. they do not usually have company over on work nights because mommy gets tired but my babysitter is special. they had their pizza (which they did NOT share with me) and watched godspell which is a weird movie based on the bible. after the movie, they discussed a bunch of things.

i did not come out to see my babysitter the last time she had to babysit me but because mommy and daddy were home, i came out to see her and was a love kitty for her. she was very happy because she likes black cats like me. while i was playing with my babysitter, mommy was working on a blanket for the kitten in her belly. she would not let me help with the yarn though. :(

the kitten in mommy's belly is doing just fine and mommy went to her vet today to check in. she and daddy came home relieved so it must have been a good appointment. she goes back in two weeks for a regularly scheduled kitten-in-belly appointment (i think the humans call it "pre-natal").


Saturday, October 25, 2008

panther saunas

here is a tummy picture of me:

it's cold in the house as mommy and daddy were gone much of last night with mommy having to go to the hospital for medication issues. (they took her off one of her pills because of the kitten in her belly and the effects of going off the pills made her very sick.) when mommy got home from the hospital today, she brought her space heater upstairs which meant that i am getting to have time in my panther sauna which is the space under her desk where all the heat goes. mommy is also really sleepy so i might have to give her extra panther love tonight.


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

weekend with grandma and grandpa

here is a picture of me playing with mommy. you can see mommy's paw at the bottom.

grandma and grandpa (mommy's parents) were here from friday afternoon until monday morning. mommy gave me tuna on friday to entice me to be a social panther. if she insists. :)

grandma played with me a lot and gave me lots of petting and love. i broke my own rule and was a lap panther for her on sunday morning to reward her. she did not bring me any toys but that was ok -- she gave me love.

my sister freya was a lap gremlin for grandma (which she never does for mommy or daddy) and even let grandma brush her while she was on grandma's lap. mommy got photographic evidence of this which i will have to use to blackmail freya later.

my brother cullen was invisible for most of the weekend -- he is scared of people and did not want to come out for grandma even though grandma loves orange cats.

mommy is doing ok with the kitten in her tummy except for getting sick yesterday and having to come home from work early today because her sickness had gotten so bad. i think it has something to do with them changing around her medication so that it won't hurt the kitten in her tummy. i will have to give her extra love tonight.


Thursday, October 16, 2008

the evil machine!

here's a picture of me shunning the camera but looking beautiful.

daddy has been running the evil machine for the last few days, vacuuming up all the fur that we've been trying to spread on the floor! apparently, grandma and grandpa are coming and mommy and daddy want the house to look nice. do they realize how much work i put into getting the black fur arranged artfully on the carpet???

at least grandma will bring me toys and play with me. since mommy isn't allowed to have tuna because of the kitten in her belly, maybe she will give it all to me to entice me and my siblings to come out and be social!


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

mommy spoke too soon!

just a quick note to tell you that mommy spoke too soon! the kitten in her belly is rejecting food now and mommy spent part of the afternoon vomiting.

i guess i will need to give mommy extra snuggles tonight.


Monday, October 13, 2008

the big news

here is a picture of me sitting at attention:

mommy's big news is that she is going to have a human kitten next june!!!! she is six weeks along and both she and daddy are very excited. she says to tell everyone that she is feeling very good right now and isn't coughing up her food or anything. (i think the humans call that "morning sickness"?) she says that you can go read her p-blog if you want details on how things are going.

i am excited because mommy says it will be another human to love me and for me to love back! i just hope it is a quiet one.


Sunday, October 12, 2008

i don't have a snooze button!

this is me with my feather toy!

of course, i'm not going to play with it in the picture!

i forgot that today was saturday so i woke mommy up three times before i got the clue and settled down to just snuggle with her. i think my snuggle was one of the few good things that happened today because she came home in a hissy mood from town. apparently, she was stuck waiting for trains, felt sick, and the grocery store is being remodeled so it was torn apart.

mommy also has other big news but she has told me that i need to keep it a secret until she knows more for sure. one hint: there will be one more creature in the house!


Thursday, October 9, 2008

kittens at work!

this is me inspecting a paper bag:

one of mommy's co-workers has kittens that she's fostering because they were abandoned. her mother is taking them during the day to feed them because they are still on milk and she brought them to work at the end of the co-worker's shift. mommy was cuddling with these kittens and cheating on us!!! i heard her telling daddy all about it!!! i shunned her last night because i was quite upset at this!

we had a power outage wednesday morning from 2 a.m. to 6 a.m. and it was such a great time to be a black cat. there are places in the house that are not close to windows and i could be invisible there!!! mommy had to use a flashlight to get to the bathroom when she woke up at 4 a.m. and she had to use her obnoxious cell phone as an alarm clock! (she did NOT want to get up.) i hope there are more power outages so i can have more black cat fun!

it is now getting colder and both mommy and daddy have the space heaters on near where they sleep. (mommy has been sleeping out in the living room with us so she doesn't give her lung crud to daddy.) daddy tried to turn the furnace on but it made some stinky smoke. hopefully, we will be getting a new furnace soon so mommy and daddy can stay warm. the space heaters are working though and mommy got so warm from hers that she drifted off to sleep very quickly last night. maybe we'll have snow tomorrow morning.


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

getting mommy caught up

here i am helping mommy cook in the kitchen:

because mommy was in bed for 3 1/2 days, she got behind on a lot of things. the washing machine and dryer have been going non-stop and tonight, she's cooking non-stop! she was preparing chicken earlier and didn't share with any of us even though it's a bird and cats eat birds! mean mommy!

at work, she has been doing a lot of stuff and she said today that she is finally caught up with everything. i hope this means that she won't be gone so late the rest of the week. i miss my snuggles with her even if she does clean the scabs on my chin and put slime on my chin while we cuddle!


Saturday, October 4, 2008

poor daisy and an update on mommy

here's a picture of me objecting to mommy taking my picture.

for those who are wondering, mommy is getting better. she stayed home with me yesterday and rested and i helped her sleep in this morning. she made it out of the house to try and meet daddy for lunch and do errands but she had to go out with a bandana over her hair because i guess my brothers and i kept her in bed too long for her to be able to shower first. oops!

when she came home, she told me that i should pray for daisy who is missing her sister pixie who went to the rainbow bridge a few weeks ago. she said that reading daisy's entry today broke her heart and made her cry while she was reading it at the library. so... send lots of purrs to daisy and her mommy and daddy.

onto more happy news... mommy and daddy are preparing for a dinner and auction at church tomorrow called "fellowship and fun". they are doing a table for the kids with the theme of camping. mommy got some fake snakes and bugs for decorations a couple weeks ago and when she was in great falls on tuesday, she got some trail mix and gummy worms. i am waiting for the trail mix and gummy worms to be put together so i can have the paper bag that they are in! mommy is hoping that she has the energy to handle tomorrow night as she is still not feeling 100% herself. maybe she will take a nap with me after church tomorrow!


Thursday, October 2, 2008

extra care required

here's a picture from 4 years ago of me helping mommy with her crocheting.

some of you asked about my mommy's headaches. she is doing ok with them right now... but she has a bad chest infection which is making her cough up snotballs. (they are like hairballs but grosser.) she went to work with a fever and chills yesterday and when she came home, she collapsed on the couch and stayed there all last night except for a break to check her email.

this morning, she got up late and went to her vet. her vet told her that she had a rapid-moving bronchial infection and put her on some powerful antibiotics to fight it before it affects her asthma. when she has trouble with her asthma, she has to use her machine -- she calls it a "nebulizer". i have not seen her use it since last summer when we had bad smoke from forest fires nearby. when i was snuggling with her today, she was talking to her mommy and told her that they are catching this early before it hit her lungs which is why she doesn't have to use it.

after her trip to her vet, she came home, changed into a t-shirt and taebo pants, and crashed on the couch. my brother cullen appointed himself her nurse so he has been sleeping on or next to her and purring as hard as he can to loosen the junk in her chest. i gave cullen a break for awhile and snuggled with her as well. i hope she stays home from work again tomorrow so i can have extra cuddle time but i think she will go into work if she is feeling better.

carolina/mrsippi/mama: mommy sent her ears to my grandpa (daddy's daddy) for his graduation from the cats program at fuller seminary. he sent them back and if she does not dress up as hermione from harry potter, she might wear her cat ears again for halloween.