Monday, August 25, 2008

pesto and mommy's trip to the vet

here's a picture from the archives of me on top of mommy's bookcase again:

mommy got some pesto made last night so the downstairs smelled like basil and garlic. i thought it smelled like something i would want to eat but mommy said it would be bad for my tummy. darn!

mommy's last vet appointment was this morning and from what i heard her tell daddy on the phone, it went well. she had to have blood taken (she does this every 3 months) and i guess her results were good. they found nothing wrong with her and pronounced her to be in good coat. she was gone to work late tonight making up the time she missed while she was at the vet so i didn't get love time (and unfortunately my medication) until 8:00 tonight. i did get extra cuddle time this morning -- mommy and i were so comfortable that we let the alarm ring for almost 5 minutes before daddy came in and turned it off and helped mommy get out of bed. i wish it could have been longer but mommy had to shower and eat breakfast.

today, i helped daddy with the housework. i helped him fold clothes and i got the sheets all furry for him. unfortunately, mommy is allergic to the fur so we had to wash them. :( oh well... it doesn't take long to get them furry again and my siblings will help!


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Tracey and Huffle said...

I am glad your mummy has a healthy coat. Is her nose nice and wet?

It is most kind of you to help with the washing - I do that too!

Huffle Mawson