Tuesday, March 31, 2009

broken cat sauna

we had icky white stuff on sunday. i am not a happy black cat!!!

in addition, my cat sauna (mommy's space heater) broke on sunday. i like using daddy's space heater because it is on the floor and more powerful than mommy's but still... it took mommy three days to try and replace my cat sauna and the stores aren't selling them right now. what is wrong with those stupid human people running the stores?!?!?!?!?! i am a black cat! i need a working cat sauna!!!!

daddy is sick now so he was on the couch today with me and my brother cullen. mommy is going to have to spray the stinky stuff on the couch to kill the germs even though she has the same cold. she was very sick last week with a throat infection so cullen and i had to help her sleep and take naps. the tomkitten in her belly is also doing strange things so she has had to stay lying down.


Saturday, March 21, 2009

warming up here in montana

mommy is very happy. she got to wear her flip flops for the first time since september this week. i guess spring has started and that means that there will not be any more snow... i hope. (mommy hopes so too. last year, they got a surprise storm in april and mommy had to be plowed out of the driveway so she could go to work.)

daniel (the tomkitten in mommy's belly) is making her hold on to water so two fingers on her right front paw are swollen. (she can type with the other 8 fingers on her front paw so she can transcribe my post for me.) her back paws are also a little swollen so her doctor had to give her a special pill to make the water leave. she also spends a lot of time with her swollen paw in the air to see if gravity will not help the water go away too.


Thursday, March 12, 2009

catching up on the panther front

i have not posted in a couple weeks because mommy (who helps me blog) has been having a hard time. things are crazy for her at work and in daddy's parish so she comes home and curls up under a quilt on the couch most days.

daniel (the tomkitten in her) is kicking hard and has learned how to stick his foot between her ribs. the kicking is so hard that she has problems sleeping so my brother cullen and i have to help her with it.

today, she woke up with her paws all swollen and her vet had to give her splints to wear to get the swelling down. she also has to watch her salt because her mommy and her vet think that it was too much salt that started the swelling.

on the good side, her sinus infection is gone unlike mr. hendrix's mommy who is on her second antibiotic.

we had cold and snow here this week and last. mommy is not happy because she really wants to wear her flip flops. i am not happy because it is very white outside!