Saturday, August 2, 2008

the prosaic edda

edda here.

i helped my mommy blog for day of blogs last weekend. she said that i did such a good job that i can have my own blog like huffle has. (huffle is a black cat like me except she lives in australia. i live in montana.)

i live on the montana hi-line with my mommy, my daddy, my sister freya, and my brothers cullen and finian. my daddy is a lutheran pastor. my mommy works for a famous company but she won't let me say what it is. my sister freya and i were adopted in november 2003 when mommy and daddy used to live in ohio. (my brothers were adopted a year earlier.) we moved to minnesota right after that and i learned that snow is cold and not for black cats. it also lasts way too long and is white which is confusing because it's the opposite of me!

my name was originally tiki but mommy and daddy wanted a little black cat named edda so i got renamed after my adoption. my middle names are macrina and scholastica because i am a literary cat and like books. macrina and scholastica were saints back before i was born and mommy thinks they are both cool women.

i like to eat, sleep, play with my brothers (until they beat me up), chase my tail, help mommy and daddy, watch the birds and bunnies in the yard, and stalk trains through the window. i love to talk to mommy and daddy and sometimes they give me catnip and tuna when i talk to them, especially when i point out where it is. i know the catnip lives in the drawer under the beeping thing the humans use to cook their food. i don't know where the tuna lives so i can't point it out to mommy or daddy when they are in the kitchen.

mommy needs to use the computer now so i will go. i hope i can come on again soon.


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Pisco Sours said...

Tuna? Oh, Edda. I really figured you for a salmon type of cat.