Saturday, August 16, 2008

watching olympics with mommy

here's my archive photo for today.

i'm hiding on an afghan mommy made for a group that sends them to women and children in afghanistan.

mommy insisted on watching the women do flips and jump around tonight instead of admiring my sleek blackness and my wonderful acrocatics. oh well... she says i'd be a rhythmic gymnast anyway and rhythmic gymnastics doesn't start until thursday.

apparently, she was so into what she was watching that she was clenching her fangs and giving herself a headache. she had to put her plastic thing on her teeth to keep from making her headache worse. (jen's note: the plastic thing is a "night guard" and i have it because i have tmj.) she also crocheted a row too much on her afghan patch and had to take it out. i could have taken it out for her but she insisted on doing it herself.

i also came and woke her up this morning at 8:45 and snuggled her. i know she would have liked to sleep in until 10 or so but i am a black cat and i have appointments. it's later than she gets to sleep on weekdays and i thought she would appreciate that! i curled up on her chest which caused her to remind me that she is indeed allergic to me and that i needed to move down lower. i think not!

tomorrow, she has to dress up and go to the building to learn about Jesus so i won't get cuddles until she comes home. i hope she takes a long nap tomorrow so i get lots of cuddle time.



Tracey and Huffle said...

Oh that looks like SUCH a good afghan. Did you get to keep it?

I haven't been watching the gymnastics; I don't think they're as good as us cats anyway!

Huffle Mawson

Mickey said...

Hi Edda :) Huffle introduced you on the House Panthers blog so I had to come and say Hi!!
I'm Mickey and I am a 15 year old panther. I have 2 sisfurs Georgia(Tortie) and Tillie(Panther) that are 5 year old littermates :)
It's always nice to meet another panther :)
I like those afghans your Mom makes too.

Purrs Mickey

edda said...

huffle: mommy sent it off to go to afghanistan 4 years ago. i did nap test it thoroughly though.

mickey: it's good to meet you. :)