Saturday, May 23, 2009


huffle got tagged to do a shopping meme and made her mommy do it. even though her mommy did not tag my mommy, i still asked her to do it while she was sitting at the hospital today with the daniel kitten. so mommy, what have you never bought?

well sweetheart...

1.) i have never bought dog food.
2.) i have never bought cigarettes.
3.) i have never bought brussel sprouts. (my family calls them "gag bags".)
4.) i have never bought birkenstocks (though i want a pair).
5.) i have never bought baby formula though that will change shortly.
6.) i have never bought a food processor.
7.) i have never bought chard.
8.) i have never bought one of those carpeted cat towers. don't look at me like that! you and your siblings have lots of ledges and windows.

thank you mommy!


Friday, May 22, 2009

update on life other than the daniel kitten

mommy has been gone a lot so i have not been able to use her laptop to update this blog. she is back to work again so she can save some of her mommy leave for when the daniel kitten comes home. she is also in great falls on the days when she is not working.

last night, my brother cullen and i had to snuggle mommy because she got home from two days in great falls and was not feeling well. her ickiness turned into a migraine and so she stayed home from work today to sleep and try to get some rest.

daddy is gone to great falls right now and is also having a hard day because a teenager in the community was shot and killed last night. the phone started ringing at 2 a.m. (waking us all up) with calls from other pastors in the community trying to set up grief counseling for the teenagers at the high school in town. mommy is very sad because the mother of the teenager was one of the nurses taking care of her the night the daniel kitten was born.

on a good note, mommy and i received a package on tuesday. it was a kitten present of bathtime stuff for the daniel kitten from huffle and her mommy. i will have to have mommy help me write a thank-you note and i promise to use my best paw-manship.

other than that, i have been watching the birds and bunnies playing outside. it is spring here and it seems like all of our wild neighbors are out playing.


Sunday, May 10, 2009

spring is here!

mommy has been taking the laptop with her to great falls so i have not been able to get on to blog.

the daniel kitten is doing well and gaining weight. he is one month old now and growing big. the only problem is that he tends to cough up his food when mommy and daddy are cuddling him. he managed to cough some up and make it go down mommy's shirt last sunday. he got away with it because he is cute. i don't think mommy would tolerate it from me or from my siblings.

when mommy comes home, my brother cullen and i have snuggle time with her. she loves it though she gets a little cross when i jump onto her tummy scar or when i put my claws into her chest.

spring is here and the snow is (hopefully) gone. there are lots of birds and bunnies outside for me to watch. i like being a window cat when it is sunny. mommy likes it because she says it warms me up nicely.