Friday, August 29, 2008

three day weekend

first: this picture is of me checking out the purse mommy made herself 4 years ago:

let her know if you want instructions on how to make one yourself.

mommy has come home exhausted the last few days so she hasn't been on the computer much and i haven't been able to get on it to blog. last night, she fell asleep with me watching tv and was woken up by daddy so they could do their evening prayers. i am a good panther so i hung out with them while they prayed. both of them pet me while they pray so i love evening prayer.

both mommy and daddy (well... mommy at least) have a three day weekend and she was telling daddy that she doesn't want to make any plans. i like this because maybe mommy will hang out on the couch with me and do the thing she does with a hook and yarn. (a note from edda's mommy jen: that "thing i do with a hook and yarn" is crocheting.) i like helping mommy with the yarn though i don't think she likes me helping her.

mommy is also participating in a "virtual triathlon" at work so she might be wrapping her injured hind paw in a stretchy thing and doing some walking with the thing on her waist that clicks and counts her footsteps. she has thought of taking me for a walk on my harness and cat leash but hasn't yet. i think it would be fun, especially to go chase the bunnies.



Tracey and Huffle said...

I think chasing bunnies sounds like an excellent idea. I would go for that, for sure! Your mum is very clever, unlike my mum who can barely sew a button on a shirt.

How come you get a three day weekend? We don't.

Huffle Mawson

edda said...

we have labor day on monday so mommy has the day off of work. daddy has mondays off anyway because sunday is his big work day.

mommy would like to say that she can't sew (though she can re-attach buttons) -- she just crochets and does a little bit of cross-stitch.