Thursday, December 2, 2010

lazy mommy

i have been urging mommy to update for a long time but she is lazy!

daddy is still working up north and mommy is getting used to being a single mommy on the days he is gone. she has gone up with the daniel kitten two more times since i last blogged and the last time, she drove by herself.

the daniel kitten is also still in therapy and may be starting speech therapy soon to work on his eating and his language development. he is starting to really sit up on his own and pull up on things to stand up. mommy has yogurt snacks for him which are like pounce/greenies for kitties.

my siblings and i have been loving up mommy when she's home. she had all 4 of us on the couch with her when she got home on tuesday. auntie jo jo is a good babysitter but we miss mommy.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

the new normal

daddy has had his church job for 6 weeks now and mommy has gone up with him twice. auntie jojo has taken care of us during those times. when mommy is home, she spends a lot of time on the couch due to fatigue and i've been helping her during those times by snuggling her and purring for her.

the daniel kitten continues to improve though slowly. he now has therapy twice a week and may have more if he is accepted into the local state-funded center. it's a stress for mommy and daddy because the daniel kitten HATES therapy and fights them tooth and claw.

mommy wanted me to make the following announcement from her site:

NaNoWriMo has come around again and in an effort to make my 30 days of writing mean something, I've decided to kill people off (or just write a character with your name into the story) for a donation. Here's how it works:

Date: October 15th to November 30th (NaNoWriMo runs from November 1-30.)

Charity: March of Dimes

How This Works: Here is the link to Daniel's band on the March of Dimes site. Click on that link to donate. I'll check the band daily for who has donated. I don't care if it's a large or small amount. If you donate, I'll write you into the story by either killing you off in the manner in which you choose (with some restrictions) or by naming a character after you. Once you donate, leave me a comment and let me know how you want to die/if you want a character named after you.

Restrictions: No ritual cannibalism. I reserve the right to veto the method of death if I find it too gruesome. (Ahem... Pisco.)

mommy will post a link to her nano page and to the daniel kitten link when she gets it up.


Thursday, September 23, 2010


daddy has an interim pastor position at a church that is 7 hours north of where we live. he is up there 4 days a week and at home the other three days. mommy and the daniel kitten stay down here except for the weekend of 9/11 when they went up north with daddy. our auntie jojo came and took care of us that weekend. mommy says that this is not the most ideal situation but it means that daddy can earn money to buy us cat food so she is dealing with it.

mommy changed out our litterboxes on monday and put in new ones. my brother cullen was afraid of his new litterbox and ended up using the bed as a litterbox. mommy was not amused. it meant lots of laundry for grandma (who helps with the laundry) and a lot of clean-up by mommy. not a good thing.

the sort-of good thing about mommy being a single mom is that she's more tired and thus will be on the couch for lap snuggles.


Thursday, September 2, 2010

the kitten is mobile!

the daniel kitten isn't quite crawling yet but still way too mobile and getting into trouble! mommy had to put up a baby gate this weekend which is high enough for me to get under but low enough that the daniel kitten can't get under it. it means that we can get to our food and litterboxes but he can't.

the daniel kitten also now will chase us and stalk us which does not make my brothers and sisters very happy. he chucked his bottle at my aunt alyssa and hit her which made my mommy laugh (alyssa is a crabby cat and does not get along with mommy) and mommy and grandma joked about duct taping a swiffer pad to his tummy to clean the floors.



Tuesday, August 24, 2010

sad news

my aunt kelly (the black and white cat who lives with grandma and grandpa) went to the rainbow bridge today. mommy didn't know until they got to the vet that aunt kelly was going to the bridge.

please pray for my grandma and grandpa.


Monday, August 16, 2010

mommy! where are we going?

mommy! where are we going? do you need to buckle me in?

Friday, August 6, 2010

making life easier for mommy

mommy got diagnosed with fibromyalgia right around the time i posted last so grandma (daddy's mommy) came over and helped mommy and daddy rearrange the house and figure out a schedule for housework to make it easier for mommy. the fibromyalgia makes mommy tired and gives her pain in various joints so she needed a housework schedule that keeps the snuggery clean but also gives her time to take breaks.

mommy's special fibromyalgia vet just put her on a medicine that helps with the pain and she is hoping it works.

in the last three weeks, i have done my part by snuggling mommy when she's been lying on the couch, especially when she is in pain. daddy has taken over some of the sweeping for mommy but he leaves early to go work for grandma and grandpa so he sometimes can't. i would help with the sweeping, but i am a cat and am immune from housework.

the daniel kitten is doing better with his physical therapy. he is sitting up almost completely on his own and he is almost crawling. (he is "creeping" according to mommy which means that he is dragging himself across the floor.) he will also take things off the table when he is sitting on mommy's lap.


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

i purr the fifth

daddy found a lizard with no tail in the bathtub this morning. he asked all of us who did it.

i am saying nothing.

(it was probably freya.)


Thursday, July 8, 2010

lap kitty

every time the daniel kitten is on mommy's lap, i come over and try to grab lap time too. whenever daddy is feeding him, i take over mommy's lap. today, i took over her lap when she was about to get up and go to $tarbux for internet time.

at night, i sleep at her feet. i think mommy would prefer that i sleep on her but i give her something soft to touch with her toes.

i hope the daniel kitten is still sleeping when mommy gets home so i can have more lap time.


Monday, July 5, 2010

indoor huntress

mommy is still marvelling at how i managed to catch a bird by batting under the screen door. she was gone doing errands and daddy was home. daddy took it away from me and let it go outside. mommy is referring to me as miss artemis now. :)

the daniel kitten is getting physical therapy now to get him caught up on his development. he gets very angry with mommy when she does the exercises with him but she practices sitting up correctly with him, tucking his feet under him when he is on his tummy, and she is playing clapping games with him. i don't want the daniel kitten to crawl because he will be able to chase us but mommy says he needs to do it.

independence day was yesterday and people were setting fireworks off everwhere even though doing that was a $1000 fine. mommy commented on how she thought we were being bombed with all the explosions outside. the daniel kitten slept through it and all us kitties were in the living room with mommy.


Saturday, June 19, 2010

father's day

i wanted to say "happy father's day" to all the daddies of human children, dogs, and cats. i know my daddy is going to enjoy his day tomorrow in san diego where he will be preaching and then having a fun day with mommy and the daniel kitten.


Thursday, June 10, 2010

snuggle time with the daniel kitten

mommy is making me post this. this was taken after the daniel kitten's bath on tuesday night.


Monday, May 31, 2010

no job yet

mommy has not found a job yet but she is still working really hard at finding one. on the plus side, this means that she is home a lot and can give me love.

she is also working with the daniel kitten to get him crawling and sitting up. he's supposed to be doing that by now but he's a little delayed. mommy says he will catch up by his 2nd birthday but i can tell that she's kind of worried about it.


Sunday, May 23, 2010

mommy turns 30!

mommy didn't get any of the jobs she applied for but daddy got one as a youth director for 10 hours a week. this is making mommy purr.

mommy turned 30 on may 19th. the sunday before, daddy's mom had a party for her and mommy's parents surprised her there. mommy and daddy went out to dinner with them that night and they came to see us the next morning. grandma brought stinky catfood so i snuggled her.

mommy possibly has an interview tomorrow so purr hard for her.


Thursday, May 13, 2010

purr request

mommy has had THREE interviews this week. (for all the furries, this is a GOOD thing as it means the potential for green papers to buy tuna.) mommy had an interview this morning with a company she believes in and it would be for a position that she'd do well.

so... please purr extra hard for mommy that she gets the second interview tomorrow.


Monday, May 10, 2010

the hunt for green papers

mommy and daddy have been busy on the hunt for green papers. mommy has interviewed with several places and daddy has two interviews coming up. because we don't have internet at the snuggery, they have to do much of their searching at the local library where the daniel kitten can have storytime and play.

the daniel kitten is starting solid food again which means A LOT of clean-up for mommy and daddy. he likes sweet potatoes, bananas, apples, and carrots so far and mommy is trying to get him on whole milk and apple juice. thankfully, the wic people gave her vouchers for formula this month so she can supplement as needed.


Monday, April 26, 2010


i am an inside panther and i love that lifestyle; but we have birds that sing in the middle of the night, and mommy sometimes asks me if i would mind going and clawing them on the shoulder and telling them to be quiet. i would probably rather eat the bird and also... do birds have shoulders?

i have done lots of hunting of mommy's bookmark. it is made of white string and has a book charm at one end with a cross charm at the other. mommy sometimes forgets that i am stalking it and puts it in her lap when she reads in the evening. i jump on her lap for love and then run off with it, causing her to have to get up, chase me, retrieve it, clean it (mommy is a germphobe), and put it in the back of the book she is reading. my sister freya (who is one of the kleptopaws in the the house) taught me how to do this though instead of the bookmark, she likes to go after mommy's hair instead, especially after mommy showers. (mommy thinks her suave ocean breeze shampoo has cat pheromones in it.)

mommy was sick and headachey this weekend so i had lots of cuddles with her. i slept at her feet and then within petting range when she was waking up. (i am one of her wake-up snuggle kitties) my brother cullen has done multiple rounds of tabby therapy with her which i know mommy appreciates. freya just attacks her hair and finian bats her with his floofy tail or head-butts her until he gets pets. she might be going to the human vet in the morning because she has had some kind of stomach problem that has not gone away for two months now. i will have to do lots of snuggling tomorrow.


Monday, April 19, 2010

fun site

mommy discovered a site called postcrossing where you send a random international person a postcard and another random person sends you one. she currently has five postcards "travelling" to belarus, canada, russia, taiwan, and norway. she and i are excited to see the countries from which we will receive postcards.

the daniel kitten is having a very grumpy day today. he does not want to play with his toys or do anything but be held by mommy or daddy. mommy thinks he is either getting too hot or that he has new fangs coming in. (he just got 4 new ones.)


Saturday, April 17, 2010

strange birds

we had lots of noise last night. it kept mommy awake and made the daniel kitten wake up at 1:45 am. mommy said they were "ghetto birds" but i cannot understand why these birds are so loud and why they were hanging around last night because we do not live in the ghetto. there were also loud noises and mommy was wondering if there was a crime being committed or if there was an accident and people were being taken to the hospital.

(jen's note: "ghetto birds" are a nickname for police helicopters that we picked up when we lived in ohio. the place where we lived had the largest fleet of them in the nation. we also live a mile from a major hospital and we wondered if people were getting transferred to or from there by helicopter.)

we like having mommy at the snuggery. i get lots of snuggle time while she reads though she really does not like me stealing her bookmark. (why does she use one made of string if i am not supposed to steal it?


Thursday, April 8, 2010

all together now

we are all down together at the snuggery. the daniel kitten started sleeping down here on monday night and mommy is down here tonight. so far, she thinks the neighbors are loud so she has the windows closed.

tomorrow, we have to put mommy's clothes and the clean laundry away. we also are getting a tall bookcase for daddy's spare books (which mommy did not want him to unpack) and also for the printer and some of mommy's computer stuff. mommy has promised to make it a cat-friendly bookcase so that there is a place for us to sleep on the lower levels.

the daniel kitten had his first birthday yesterday and had to go to the human kitten vet for a check-up and shots. he weighs 18 lbs 3 oz. now which is bigger than all of the cats at the snuggery and bigger than all the cats at grandma and grandpa's house except for alyssa who is probably 20 lbs now. in the evening, the family had a party with cake and presents. mommy is in shock that the daniel kitten is a year old now considering that a year ago, she was fighting for her life and they had to take him out of mommy's tummy to save both their lives. mommy says she feels very blessed to have a happy and healthy baby. we just hope he doesn't scream too much any more.

this weekend is going to be very busy because mommy and daddy are having the church ceremony recognizing the daniel kitten's baptism in the nicu last year. daddy had to do an emergency baptism because the daniel kitten was so sick and they planned on having a special ceremony for his first birthday. mommy's parents and her evil twin brother are coming down and there are some other family members coming. mommy's mommy brings us tuna so i am very excited that she is coming.


Friday, April 2, 2010

in california with no internet

greetings all!

i have been without internet for a month because there is none at the snuggery where my siblings and i live with daddy. mommy has been staying with daddy's parents with the daniel kitten so she can recover from the toll that everything has taken on her health. when she came over to clean today, i dictated this entry to her.

the move was not fun. we drove for 3 days in the car but mommy did make sure we had nice hotel rooms to explore at night with windows and places to sleep and survey our kitty domains. she put freya and i in the snuggery before everyone moved in and we decided to take refuge in the linen closet. cullen and finian came the next day and joined us. daddy and mommy have been busy making the snuggery into a home for us. the only bad part is that we are exiled from the bedroom so our only places to haunt are the living room, kitchen, and linen closet! i am not amused!

there is a gang of wild cats that patrols outside and mommy "cat-proofed" the garden so they can't dig there. she also planted lots of seeds so we'll have flowers that bring the butterflies and bees. we will hopefully be able to watch them out the windows. :)

mommy and daniel are hoping to get to move in soon. mommy will be with us tomorrow because she has to make a special dessert for easter on sunday. i am looking forward to getting lots of snuggles and maybe helping a bit too.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

chaos ensues

sorry for not posting for a month. mommy got sick and her mommy (my grandma) flew her and the daniel kitten to california for a week to get better. during that week, daddy had to go to california too for a family emergency and it was decided that we are going to move out there. i am excited because there will be no snow!

mommy and daddy are busy packing. my siblings and i have inspected every packing box, inside and out (mostly inside in my case). our catsitter has come over to watch the daniel kitten and help pack as have some of the neighbors. we move this weekend and will be california kitties now!

mommy also wants to say "thank you" to everyone who supported her in the haiti blogathon. she raised $125 for the people in haiti and had fun writing her murder mystery.

mommy is getting tired and needs to take breaks so i will see if i can paw her to post again.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

mommy is blogging for haiti

mommy is doing a blogathon to raise money for the earthquake victims in haiti. she will be spending 12 hours writing a murder mystery as her theme. i do not know what an earthquake is but mommy was in a BIG one when she was a kitten. i think it was as big as the one in haiti though the damage was not quite as bad. she has promised that there will be a black cat in the story, so i approve.

on sunday, i was walking by the daniel chair when he reached out and touched me. i was a little affronted but i let him pet me. mommy has been rubbing his head and back like one would pet a kitty so i think he is learning what to do. he has a gentle touch, anyway. i have also discovered that mommy can give me pets with one hand when she is feeding him or doing "tummy time" with him, so i will climb on her lap and have snuggles then.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

all melty outside

the sun has come out and the white stuff is going away. i am a happy panther.

mommy has been really busy with work lately and i keep forgetting to claw her into updating. daddy is trying to find another church where he can tell people about Jesus so he has also been busy. the daniel kitten is being a 9 month old -- mommy and daddy are trying to get him to be on his tummy so he can learn how to crawl. when he learns to crawl, he can chase us kitties so i do NOT approve of this.

someone gave mommy a snuggie for christmas and she loves it. i love it too because it creates a perfect black cat lap spot. the best thing: it gets even softer after mommy washes it.


Friday, January 1, 2010

happy mew year!

mommy did not help me update for awhile because she was flat on the couch with an ear infection. i helped her lie on the couch with her head on a hot water bottle. her vet finally gave her ear drops and after two doses, she apologized to us cats for all the ear drops we have had to have.

mommy took the daniel kitten to seattle for christmas to see family and got to visit my aunt emily who is a calico cat. emily was ok with daniel and having the daniel kitten gone meant that daddy loved up on us kitties.

there is still lots of white stuff outside. i am so NOT impressed.