Sunday, August 23, 2009

the daniel kitten cocoon

the daniel kitten got a blanket from one of mommy and daddy's former parishioners who died last week. this blanket is extra soft and when he is wrapped in it, he sleeps very well.

mommy jokes that this blanket makes a "daniel cocoon" because the only thing visible will be his face. it is very good to have upstairs in her study so that she can watch daniel while daddy is out teaching people about Jesus.

i have custody of one of his other blankies though.


Sunday, August 16, 2009

the screaming has begun

the daniel kitten is starting to get his fangs in and he is screaming a lot because of it. mommy finally called the vet today and they told her that she could give him some kitten tylenol. it made him stop screaming and put him to sleep. mommy is also making sure he has all his chewing-on things at hand so he can gum on them. please purr for me and my siblings and for our mommy and daddy -- it might be a very loud couple of months.

mommy had to work last wednesday so daniel went to his babysitter for the first time. when daddy went to get him, he slept all afternoon. i wonder what he did with his babysitter to make him so tired! he will go to his babysitter again on tuesday night so mommy and daddy can go out to dinner for daddy's birthday.


Saturday, August 8, 2009

finally back online

i apologize for not writing for two weeks. mommy had the blogathon and then she had a busy week at work getting ready to go to canada with daddy and the daniel kitten so daddy could interview at a church. then, she and daddy and the daniel kitten were down in missoula for two days to see the special baby eye vet for daniel. his eyes are better and he will not have to go back thankfully.

mommy wants to thank everyone who supported her in the blogathon. she raised over $300 for the preeclampsia foundation. her blogathon site is here.