Sunday, June 28, 2009

the daniel kitten has such cool stuff!

the daniel kitten has such cool toys! he does not know how to play with them either!

me playing with the hanging thingies on one of his daniel chairs that vibrates

grandma convinced mommy to let me play with the chair and sleep in it until daniel is old enough to appreciate it.


Monday, June 22, 2009

mommy is busy

grandma and grandpa left on the 13th. mommy has not had time to help me update because she and daddy are now having to take care of the daniel kitten on their own. mommy calls him "little bear" because he gets growly when it is his feeding time.

they had to take him to a special eye doctor in missoula last week. mommy is still traumatized from having to watch the exam. (she has told me not to ask.) they were only gone overnight. it was a lot of driving though and the daniel kitten did very well and did not complain through any of it. i would have been howling the whole time.

there are birds nests outside a lot of the windows and i wish i was an outside panther so i could go birding!!!


Thursday, June 11, 2009

pictures of the daniel kitten

here are some daniel pictures that mommy told me that i could post. currently, he is up in the study with us in his daniel chair that vibrates.

this is from when they baptized him in the hospital during his first week. daddy's paw is on top and mommy's is on the bottom.

the daniel kitten and mommy when she got to hold him for the first time in april.

the daniel kitten during bathtime

mommy with the daniel kitten now that he's home. (yes... mommy knows that she's short.)

daddy reading to the daniel kitten.

me supervising daniel's diaper change.

mommy appreciates that i am a very helpful panther. daniel was being howly on tuesday morning and she was sitting on the recliner with him and had her prayer shawl over her. i jumped up, curled up around the daniel kitten, and purred until he went to sleep. mommy appreciated me being a lap panther and grandma would have taken a picture if she had her camera near her at the time.

grandma and grandpa (mommy's parents) are here for the week and grandma has been giving us stinky wet catfood to make us like her. i already like her because she pets me and cuddles me but i don't mind the extra snacks.


Monday, June 8, 2009

freya meets the tomkitten

my sister freya was upstairs with mommy and decided that she wanted to meet the daniel kitten. she was about to go nose-to-nose with him when he shot puke out his mouth and it almost hit her. down the stairs she ran and into the bedroom. she is hiding and sulking right now. mommy is laughing. she says that it was worth the clean-up to see freya almost puked on. i am glad that the daniel kitten does not puke near me!!!


Sunday, June 7, 2009

the kitten is home

the daniel kitten arrived home today. he is very small and meows a lot. mommy let me smell him while daddy was feeding him and then i came and investigated while mommy was sitting with him. i think i will have to help with feedings. they smell good.


Saturday, June 6, 2009

tomkitten homecoming

mommy got a call at work on thursday saying that the daniel kitten was getting ready to come home and that they needed her and daddy to come stay at the hospital with him for a couple nights so that the nurses could make sure they knew how to take care of him. this put mommy into a tailspin because she and daddy were not ready to be getting the daniel kitten so soon.

my babysitter drew came over on thursday night and helped mommy and daddy put the daniel bed and the daniel table together. mommy and daddy also did lots of cleaning so the evil machine was out and running a lot. they are in great falls now with him and i know people are talking about mommy and daddy not getting much sleep. i do not understand this but i am a black cat and i sleep many hours a day. maybe i can help them with this problem?