Thursday, August 21, 2008

adventures at the vet

this is me in statue pose on mommy's desk when we lived in minnesota.

this morning, daddy brought my carrier down from the guest room and asked me to go in. i didn't really want to go in the first time because my brothers and sister were watching but daddy held me in front, and i decided to be a cooperative panther and go in. he then carried me to the car and seat-belted me in the car. i wanted to look out the window so i asked daddy the whole way there if he could turn me around to face the window. i guess i got a little whiny because daddy turned off the radio to talk to me gently and assure me that it would be ok. i guess he doesn't speak pantherese like mommy does because he didn't understand that i just wanted to be turned around.

we got to the vet and they let me right into the exam room where they took a look at my chin and decided to take some fluid out of it for a biopsy. it hurt but i was good and let daddy just hold me while he did it. he took it to his room and told us a few minutes later that it was just some inflammatory cells and that it was likely just some bad acne that got infected (according to daddy -- he was explaining this to mommy on the cell phone once we were out). i decided to go back in my carrier and hide while he was in there.

the panther doctor decided to check my ears and clean them. i hate having my ears cleaned! i protested greatly but did not bite daddy or the panther doctor. they let me stay in my carrier on my kitty blanket but with the top off which helped a bit because i had something comfortable to lie on. according to the panther doctor, i also have an ear infection. maybe that's why cleaning my ears hurt so much?

the panther doctor decided to give me some clavamox which is yucky-tasting. daddy was holding my back end, the panther doctor was holding my front end, and the panther helper was trying to shoot it down my throat. i would have rather been held lovingly and petted while they medicated me (like mommy does) and i decided to spit it back at them. (mommy was laughing quite hard when daddy told her about it on the cell phone later.) i eventually decided to swallow the second half of the dose.

daddy then put the top back on the carrier, paid the panther doctor, and took me out to the car so he could call mommy. we then drove home with daddy talking to me. i howled at him for the rest of the day, protesting the ear cleaning and the medication because it wasn't fun and mommy would have been gentler with me.

when mommy came home today, she picked me up and snuggled me while walking around finding the medication. we sat down on the couch and she wrapped me in a towel because she has shorts on and didn't want to get claw marks on her legs. she scratched my ears and then stuck the medicine dropper down my throat while petting me. i cooperated because it was mommy and i am a momma's girl at heart. she had to do the medicine in two doses but she was gentle and kissed my head and told me that i was a good panther, so i did cooperate for her. after she was done, she petted me and loved me up.

according to mommy, my chin lump is smaller (probably from the panther doctor removing the fluid) and she says i'll be better in a few days. i hope so. i don't want to go back to the panther doctor again for a long time!


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Tracey and Huffle said...

Oh you are such a good girl Edda. Last time I went to the v-e-t, I peed in my crate on the way there because I was so scared. Dad didn't get mad at me though, he knew I was scared.

Huffle Mawson