Tuesday, August 12, 2008

an award and hot montana days

first, here's another picture from my kittenhood.

this is mommy holding my sister and i when we were very little. i was 6 months old and i think freya was 4 months old.

huffle gave me an award. thank you so much!

i know i am supposed to tag 5 people but i don't really know 5 people yet so i'm going to wait to do that.

it has been hot here in montana up until today, especially up where mommy's laptop is. mommy usually has the fan going to cool down the room but i am a black cat and do not do well in heat. mommy jokes about me being deflated but it's cooler to just be flat on the floor. mommy also has a fan downstairs where she sleeps and i like to lie in front of it. thankfully, daddy is home from the woods now and makes sure that my brothers and sister and i have plenty of water during the day when mommy is at work.

today, mommy needed some help waking up and so she picked me up off the top of the couch and i gave her a wake-up snuggle until she was able to get out of bed. mommy likes it when i come and snuggle with her in the morning and even sets her alarm early so that she has time for a snuggle with me. tomorrow, she does not have to go into work for an extra 45 minutes so we can have lots of snuggle time.



Tracey and Huffle said...

You can share that award when you're good and ready Edda!

I snuggle with my mum in the morning too but I usually wake her up by clawing her hair so she will let me under the doona. I know mum loves it because she always shrieks with joy!

Huffle Mawson

Sue said...

What a sweet picture of you as a kitten Edda!!

THE ZOO said...

thats tha best way ta wake up/