Friday, August 15, 2008

my job tomorrow

first, a picture that fits into what i will be doing tomorrow.

mommy likes to play with yarn and sticks. this is me helping mommy make a blanket for her evil twin brother, my uncle sean. (his fiancée, my aunt jeanette, is really cool though and appreciates my blackness.) she is wearing her favorite shirt which my sister and i helped shred. it says "slugs for Jesus" which was the group mommy was part of when she was in college. (a note from edda's mommy, jen: the group was the uc santa cruz chapter of intervarsity. our college mascot was the banana slug so our group was "slugs for Jesus".)

mommy has some yarn projects that she never gets to work on because she's gone at least 10 hours a day working to buy me catnip and tuna so tomorrow, she is going to catch up on her olympics viewing and play with some yarn while she watches tv. she has not asked me to help but i am a very helpful panther and i know that she will need help tangling i mean untangling the yarn.

mommy also has a sleep-in day tomorrow so i will get to snuggle tomorrow morning. i am very excited about that.



Tink said...

Hi Edda! I found your site via HousePanthers. Nice to meet you, welcome to the blogosphere!
I love cats; we have three cats: Freyja, Bastet and Maia.

edda said...

tink, my sister freya has the same name as one of your cats (though we spell it differently).

Aoise said...

I hope you enjoy your snuggles.

Pisco Sours said...

Edda, have you ever thought about making your own yarn projects? I bet it would be fun to figure out the maximum area a ball of yarn could cover.

Tracey and Huffle said...

Hey Edda, I think you could be a BIG help to your mum with her yarny stuff. Every time you see a ball of yarn, you need to bat it away and see how far you can make it roll.

Huffle Mawson