Saturday, August 30, 2008

wake up mommy!

first, this was a blankie that mommy made in minnesota colors to raise money for tsunami victims. i'm nap-testing it for her:

she raised $100 which got donated to various charities helping out victims of the tsunami that happened at christmas 2004. i don't know what a tsunami is but i know it involves lots of water and that can't be good!

mommy was very tired from last night so i had to go wake her up multiple times this morning by jumping on her and putting my cold nose on hers. her back was covered by a shirt -- otherwise, i would have put my cold nose between her shoulder blades as that usually wakes her up. i also purred for her and mewed at her. she rewarded me by giving me my yucky medicine. how is that fair?!?!?!?

while mommy went to town to do errands and go for a walk, i watched football with daddy. the seahawks beat the raiders so both mommy and daddy are very happy. i am personally a carolina panthers fan so i'll be rooting for them if they ever play the seahawks.



Tracey and Huffle said...

You should try using your claws to comb your mum's hair. That always wakes my mum up!

Huffle Mawson

GRRRETA said...

The blankie your mom made is very nice. It was very helpful of you to nap test it for her. Good job waking up your mommy. I've never tried the cold nose technique. I'll be sure to try that tomorrow morning.

edda said...

huffle: my mommy's hair is too short for me to comb with my claws. besides, it's my sister freya who eats it.