Wednesday, February 25, 2009

lenten cat

it's the beginning of lent in our house which means that mommy and daddy give things up or take things on. mommy is giving up swearing and daddy is taking some things on though he hasn't told me or my siblings what that is. daddy is already a vegetarian but mommy is not eating meat on fridays until after easter or on certain days like today.

mommy and daddy have church tonight but the daniel kitten in mommy's belly is giving her tummy problems so she is not feeling like going. daddy is also almost out of ashes and is trying to come up with a substitute. i suggested black furs (as i have some to spare) but i don't think he liked that idea.


Sunday, February 22, 2009

mommy does not like taxes

mommy is stuck at her computer today with her checkbook and email putting numbers into forms. she has to do this every year and it makes her very grumpy. she cannot find one of daddy's pieces of paper right now (i think it is called a w-2) and this is making her not happy.

i would be up in the study helping her with it but my sister freya is up there and gets crabby when i am in there with her and mommy. (mommy jokes that it is freya's study and that freya lets her borrow it.)

the white stuff is muchly gone from the ground here (which makes mommy very happy) but it is still not warm enough for mommy to wear her flip-flops outside. mommy is looking forward to that weather very much!

meanwhile, daddy was skiing with his church kittens yesterday so mommy and the others and i had a sleep-in morning with my cat sauna on the whole time. i was a happy panther!


Monday, February 16, 2009

valencat's day

for valencat's day, mommy gave us tuna with a catnip garnish. i also got to sleep in front of my cat heater all day.

life is good. except for the white outside.


Friday, February 13, 2009


it is snowing outside!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it is all white out there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i am a black cat! what am i to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sunday, February 8, 2009


mommy was in great falls yesterday for a meeting so daddy had one of his church people over. i was a good panther and came out to love him up and help them make german potato dumpling soup. i even let steve (the man from church) pick me up and pet me. mommy has been praising me and telling me that i am a good panther for that. she even brought my siblings and i home some catnip mouses.

mommy had a bad back this week so my brothers and i had to take care of her. (my sister freya is her bodyguard -- the rest of us snuggle her.) i think the tomkitten in her tummy is kicking her in her back. i don't think this is fair -- we're not allowed to rabbit-kick each other so why does the tomkitten get to do it???


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

the type of kitten in mommy's belly

when mommy got home from her special pregnancy vet appointment today, she told me that...

i'm getting a little brother.

yes, it's a little tomkitten in mommy's belly who was more interested in playing with his feet and doing somersaults than letting the person take pictures of the inside of mommy's tummy. it's a healthy tomkitten though so mommy and daddy (and the rest of the family) are very happy.

it's name will be daniel james and it will be leaving mommy's belly in late june.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

super bowl plans

it's super bowl sunday here in the usa and i have a simple super bowl plan for today:


mommy wants to watch the commercials (she says they are the only good thing about the super bowl) and daddy wants to watch the football so i will have two laps where i can take a nap and get cuddles.

mommy is going down to great falls on tuesday to get high-definition pictures of the kitten in her belly. she will find out then if it is a girl or boy.