Wednesday, August 6, 2008

baking kitty cookies

mommy has been very busy since daddy went to go play in the woods and teach human kittens about Jesus. her work is having a bake sale and mommy is baking cookies. i've been helping her by rubbing her ankles and reminding her about what ingredients she should be putting in. i asked her if she was making any black cat cookies. she said that black cats shouldn't eat these kinds of cookies because they are bad for kitty tummies but she was thinking of making some sugar cat cookies with her kitty cookie cutters this weekend. i promised to pose for her when she does this.

she has also not been feeling good so last night, she curled up with her nose to her tail early in the evening. i helped out by keeping her company and snuggling with her. she told me that i am an excellent panther. i'm going to help her sleep again tonight.



Tracey and Huffle said...

Hi Edda! It's nice to meet you; thanks for visiting my blog. I don't have any friends in Montana so I am going to add you to my list! Well, I would add you even if you didn't live in Montana :)

I don't know if I like snow or not; we tend not to get any of that in Melbourne. I'll take your word for it though because I don't like the cold.

Huffle Mawson

The Great White said...

Hi, Edda! It's your cousin BartholoMEW! I had a terrible experience last Thursday, too. There are men wearing white outfits all over painting the house white. While I approve of the color choice, I am nervous about the men being in my yard. So, I hid in the garage in the wheel well of the Volvo. When I came out, I was covered in oil and grease and tire gunk. To make a long painful story short, I was taken to the groomers as an emergency appointment. After an hour, even the groomers couldn't get all of the oil off, but my mother says I have never been whiter!