Saturday, August 9, 2008

edda's take on the olympics

first, here's a picture of me from when mommy and daddy brought me home to live with them.

i was just 4 months old and they adopted me upon meeting me when they went to go adopt my sister freya. they chose me because i was so sweet and they needed an older female to teach my monsterous little sister how to be a cat. (she was fostered with rottweilers and fancied herself a puppy.)

anyway, mommy has been playing with yarn this evening while watching the olympics. i've been "helping" her keep the yarn in order (though i don't know if she really considers it help) and i saw some human men do strange acrobatic things on bars and rings. they looked like i do when i jump off of things or jump for toys except that i am *much* more graceful than they are.

we then saw 4 human women batting a ball around in what looked like a gigantic litterbox. mommy doesn't like it when i play in my litterbox so i don't know why these human women were doing it. after that, we saw some humans jump into water and swim. i know mommy was happy because some human named michael phelps got a gold medal and another three humans got bronze medals. i don't know if huffle is watching the olympics but a human lady from her country got a gold medal in the water thing while a human lady from mine only got a bronze. i know mommy is cheering for team usa and team canada. huffle, are you cheering for team australia?

i think i need to go help mommy go to sleep now so she can dress up nicely and go to that building tomorrow morning where daddy teaches people about Jesus. then, she and i have cookies to bake in the afternoon. i think my job is going to be guarding them from my sister freya who thinks that the house and all the food belong to her.


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Tracey and Huffle said...

Yes I am watching the Olympics but I don't like water so I forgot to watch the swimming. I will make sure I watch the rest though.

Did you see the fireworks at the start? I am a bit scairt of fireworks.

Huffle Mawson