Saturday, August 9, 2008

helping mommy on the computer today

mommy has been busy tallying the final amount raised by day of blogs so i spent some time upstairs today helping her and meowing at her when she needed advice. i am a bit cross though because she did not share her dinner with me -- according to her, stuffed shells with salsa wouldn't be good for my little tummy. how does she know?!?!?!?

mommy has been trying to get pictures to show how pretty i am to everyone on the web but i really don't like her to photograph me. so... she and i have agreed that we will post one picture of me from her collection in every entry until we run out and then i will allow her to take pictures of me. the only rule is that if i do something she thinks is cute, she will be grabbing the camera and photographing me. *cat sigh* if only freya had succeeded in completely breaking the camera when she took the batteries out and dragged it down the stairs 4 years ago!

that is the quilt that mommy won't let me sleep on. wouldn't i as a black cat look absolutely beautiful on it?!?!?!?



Pisco Sours said...
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Tracey and Huffle said...

That quilt was made for you! Does your mummy go out much? I'd be using it when she's not around to tell you off.

*Sigh* why do they torture us with flashy beasts? I don't like to have my photo taken either.

Huffle Mawson