Tuesday, August 26, 2008

i'm a ninja! rowr!

the title has to do with the following picture:

this was january 2005 and we were living in minnesota. mommy had been outside playing in the snow and she had come in and stripped down to her long underwear. her thermals are black so she decided that she needed to take a picture with me because she was wearing black like me! she refers to this picture as "the ninjas".

when mommy doesn't have an injured hind paw like she does now, she likes to kickbox. when she kickboxes, i like to critique her form and try to catch her foot when she kicks. mommy finds this incredibly funny though she isn't quite as amused when i try to pounce on her hair when she's stretching out afterwards. when i do that, she usually grabs me and holds me while she's stretching. (she wears a sports bra and sweats so she has a bare tummy and she says i'm a good "bare skin kitty", whatever that means.)

it rained today so i didn't have much to watch out the windows. the trains kept sneaking up on the house but the bunnies and birds were not out. mommy was also gone for a long time today because she was making up hours at work. she gave me my medicine when she got home and i decided to not swallow some of it. she told me i was silly. how am i supposed to be defiant when mommy is laughing at me?!?!?!?

both mommy and daddy are going to be gone tomorrow but mommy will probably go to bed after she showers and blogs tonight so i'll get some snuggle time with her then.

oh... mommy says to tell huffle that her nose is not nice and wet. apparently, that's not a good thing for humans. mommy also hopes huffle is enjoying her sunbeam. i like sunbeams too -- mommy refers to my warm fur as me being "sun-kissed" and she jokes that i have a solar-powered tummy.


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Tracey and Huffle said...

No, I'm sure a wet nose is a good sign!

Thankyou, yes I am enjoying my sunbeam, tune in tomorrow for even more hints on how to stay toasty! I'm very good at it.

I just bit mum so she's not very happy with me. I might have to take up ninja too.

Huffle Mawson