Monday, August 18, 2008

daddy's birthday and other news

this is me at the top of the bookshelf that was in mommy's study in minnesota. i am a literary cat so i used to sleep up there.

my daddy's birthday is today. i don't know how old he would be in cat years but in human years, he is 31. (my mommy just turned 28 in may.) he met with women from the building where he teaches people about Jesus this morning and he went out to dinner with mommy after she finished work and went to her vet appointment to get her eyes checked. tomorrow, they are going to kalispell where mommy has another vet appointment to get her nose checked after she had surgery on the inside of it last month. (i had to take care of her during the week after surgery. she and i watched a lot of tv and took naps together.) i hope they bring me back special tuna or catnip.

they might go see mommy's aunt jean while they are over there if they have time. she has a fluffy cat named tammy and an outside maine coon cat named snooky. i have not met them but mommy says that they are very nice. aunt jean raises chickens though mommy told me that they are not the kind of chickens that i am allowed to eat.

while they are gone tomorrow, i have sentry duty upstairs in mommy's study and downstairs in the living room window. i have to make sure that no trains get in the house and that all the bunnies are accounted for just in case one snuck in the house and my sister freya beat it up.

i saw that huffle got an award for being nice. she is indeed a very nice cat -- she introduced me on the house panthers site.


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Tracey and Huffle said...

Oh happy birthday edda's dad! And I hope your mummy's vet appointments went well. I am sure that with you on sentry duty, no trains even came near the house. Thank you for the compliment too :)

Huffle Mawson