Tuesday, December 15, 2009

too much white outside!!!!

mommy and i woke up to a snowscape on saturday. it was completely white outside and the temperature was below 0F. mommy was not happy because she had to go down to great falls to do some christmas shopping with daddy and the screaming thing. while she was down there, she met some kitties at petco who were being adopted out by pet paw-see. she did not adopt a new brother or sister for me because we will be moving soon and she also knew that the daniel kitten was enough of an addition for us. she did buy some catnip mice for us from the organization.

mommy stayed in on sunday with the daniel kitten while daddy had church and nursing home service. she has had the electric blanket on since saturday and i love having a warm place to curl up.

i discovered yesterday that with the space heater on, the underside of the daniel kitten's "dude recliner" makes a very nice cat cave.

don't think this means that i like the daniel kitten -- it's just a warm spot.


Sunday, December 6, 2009

not fair!!!!

my humans left us for THREE WHOLE DAYS to go see a church for daddy that is very far from montana. they got home at 2 a.m. this morning and i meowed my disapproval at them. thankfully, they left us lots of food and water, probably enough for a week. as penance, they put the heater on and i have had a cat sauna since then.

it also snowed a ton yesterday. this is not fair!!! it is the opposite of me outside!!!

the daniel kitten is also getting his fangs in so he is very mewy. mommy could not get him calmed down this morning so he screamed for a whole hour and a half. i was not happy but i did feel a little bad for mommy who was trying to catch up on sleep from her adventure. daddy was home this afternoon and took care of the daniel kitten so mommy could sleep.


Saturday, November 28, 2009

finally an update!

excuse the lack of updates. mommy has been participating in nanowrimo and daddy does not know how to help me blog. (yes, mommy needs to teach him how. unfortunately, this results in much hissing back and forth between them so mommy just does it.)

on sunday, mommy set up the playpen for the daniel kitten so he could roll around and try to crawl in an enclosed space. he was not using it that afternoon so i decided to check it out.

(mommy says to ignore the mess -- she's been busy and hasn't had time to pick up.)

daddy told me to get out of the playpen but mommy grabbed her camera and took pictures instead. she then put the daniel kitten in to see what would happen.

(note the lions on the feet of his sleeper.)

so far, i have suffered the injustice of having to share the playpen with the daniel kitten a few times a day. mommy tells me to be patient and let him explore because it is much better than him crawling around outside it and chasing me. i can also get out on my own -- he can't.


Saturday, November 7, 2009

daniel kitten is teething

the daniel kitten has been crabby and meowy lately. mommy says that he is teething and that one of his fangs is coming in. i don't remember being that howly when my fangs came in but i also was not living with mommy and daddy at the time so they cannot remind me. mommy keeps his pacifiers in the freezer and she gives him human kitten tylenol from time to time. she also rubs red stuff on his gums which is supposed to make them stop hurting. he is also drinking twice his normal amount of milk and eating some yucky runny food which mommy says means he is growing. i do not like the runny human fruits and vegetables but i would not mind if mommy gave me some of the rice cereal.

he is also starting to learn to crawl. this is not good. if he can crawl, he can chase us and i do not approve of this at all! mommy said that she will put up barriers that we kitties can jump over and escape the daniel kitten but i do not know how long that will last.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

special day coming up

saturday is halloween, which is my special black cat day. mommy and daddy will still be away in the morning but hopefully home in the evening so i can have tuna.

speaking of tuna, grandma and grandpa were here this past weekend and grandma gave us all kinds of stinky goodness. (the smell of it makes mommy vomit so we don't get it often.) grandma also spoiled me with lots of playing and petting. i like grandma.

mommy is home sick today and the evil white stuff is on the ground. i thoroughly object to the latter thing -- snow is icky. it made it hard for daddy to go into town today to get tea for mommy! i am curled up at mommy's feet helping her nap. i am a good black cat.

the daniel kitten has his 6-month vet appointment on thursday morning. he will have to get lots of shots and mommy/daddy will probably have to get a special shot for the pig flu. i hope this one doesn't make mommy sick like her flu shot can.


Saturday, October 17, 2009

mommy needs some help!

my mommy is the charity liaison for blogathon.org and she's trying to find some charities for cats and dogs to feature on their site next year. (blogathon 2010 is not until july 31st but she always has something happen to her in the middle of her planning so she's doing it early.) if you know of one (especially a dog charity), could you please leave a comment.

thanks from mommy and me!


Sunday, October 11, 2009

daniel kitten on twitter

mommy is exhausted from the daniel kitten not sleeping last night (or this morning or this afternoon) so she asked me if i could announce to all of you that he now has a twitter account to make it easier for mommy to update.

the link is: http://twitter.com/danieljameskm.

it snowed a little bit on thursday. i am not amused.


Thursday, October 8, 2009

six months old!

the daniel kitten turned six months old yesterday. mommy can't believe that it was six months ago that she was very sick at the BIG vet in great falls, having to have him taken out of her tummy. she still has ouchy spots in her tummy from it and had to see the doctor today to make sure those spots didn't need to be worked on.

he now weighs more than me, my brother finian, and possibly my brother cullen. (my sister freya is a little plump so he might still weigh less than her. mommy and daddy tried giving him rice cereal (rice powder with some human kitten formula) and he ate it right up. freya decided to help though.

we're a messy eater.

hi. i'd like some please.

mommy also wanted me to post the next picture of daniel to show how big he is now.

mr. sneaky smile wrapped in the blanket that mommy made for him.


Thursday, September 24, 2009

left behind

mommy and daddy and the daniel kitten left this morning for cali-fur-nia to visit daddy's family and go to an interview for a church job for daddy. my babysitter is coming over to play with us while they are gone but i am still very unhappy. i tried to come with them by curling up in mommy's BIG black bag last night but she made me get out. i tried going outside with them this morning but mommy caught me.

what is a black cat to do?


Thursday, September 17, 2009

mommy's bad week

mommy was sick on monday so she went to the vet. after seeing her vet and getting her icky pills, she was driving to get something to eat when someone crashed into the back of her car at 35 mph. (mommy was stopped at the time.) mommy is fine -- just a bruised paw and a sore back/neck but the other driver apparently wasn't wearing their seatbelt and has other injuries. mommy's car is totalled and she is waiting for the montana highway patrol to send her the paperwork to make a report.

this is good news for me because it meant that she could not take me to the vet today for my check-up and shots. it is bad news in all other ways.

mommy also has a question for y'all: my sister freya goes crazy for her after she showers and wants to lick and clean her. do any of you do that to your humans??? mommy thinks it's something in her shower gel.


Friday, September 11, 2009

the hernias are gone

mommy and daddy left my siblings and i at home from wednesday afternoon until today because the daniel kitten had to have surgery on his tummy down in great falls. he had two hernias that were left over from him being born early and they had to wait until he was a certain age to fix them.

i heard mommy talking on the phone and she said that the daniel kitten slept through wednesday night even though they were expecting him to be howly over not being allowed to eat or drink. the surgery took only an hour and he was allowed to leave the surgery vet about 1 1/2 later because he had a wet diaper. mommy said that he was grumpy when they brought him to her because he was hungry and all they would give him was water. (he had never had water before.) after they got back to the motel and fed him, mommy said that he was like his usual self.

last night, they all went and visited mommy's aunt dori and uncle david as well as my cousins chief and fluffy. mommy's cousin joe and his son will were there too. they spent another night down in great falls and came home today.

right now, he is asleep next to mommy and me in his dude recliner. i am on mommy's lap catching up on my petting. i was deprived for two days, you know!


Friday, September 4, 2009


my friend mr.sippi went over the rainbow bridge today. mommy and daddy and i are very sad. he and his mom used to go visit the daniel kitten's site when he was in the hospital. i know my mommy really appreciated it.

please purr hard for his family if you're a cat and pray if you're a human.


Sunday, August 23, 2009

the daniel kitten cocoon

the daniel kitten got a blanket from one of mommy and daddy's former parishioners who died last week. this blanket is extra soft and when he is wrapped in it, he sleeps very well.

mommy jokes that this blanket makes a "daniel cocoon" because the only thing visible will be his face. it is very good to have upstairs in her study so that she can watch daniel while daddy is out teaching people about Jesus.

i have custody of one of his other blankies though.


Sunday, August 16, 2009

the screaming has begun

the daniel kitten is starting to get his fangs in and he is screaming a lot because of it. mommy finally called the vet today and they told her that she could give him some kitten tylenol. it made him stop screaming and put him to sleep. mommy is also making sure he has all his chewing-on things at hand so he can gum on them. please purr for me and my siblings and for our mommy and daddy -- it might be a very loud couple of months.

mommy had to work last wednesday so daniel went to his babysitter for the first time. when daddy went to get him, he slept all afternoon. i wonder what he did with his babysitter to make him so tired! he will go to his babysitter again on tuesday night so mommy and daddy can go out to dinner for daddy's birthday.


Saturday, August 8, 2009

finally back online

i apologize for not writing for two weeks. mommy had the blogathon and then she had a busy week at work getting ready to go to canada with daddy and the daniel kitten so daddy could interview at a church. then, she and daddy and the daniel kitten were down in missoula for two days to see the special baby eye vet for daniel. his eyes are better and he will not have to go back thankfully.

mommy wants to thank everyone who supported her in the blogathon. she raised over $300 for the preeclampsia foundation. her blogathon site is here.


Friday, July 24, 2009

weekend plans

just a reminder that mommy is blogging here tomorrow for blogathon 2009. if you want to sponsor her and help other mommies who have problems keeping their human kittens in their tummies, click here.

if you want to help mommy stay awake, she is "geeky.lutheran" on gtalk and "gracefulfemina" on aim.


Thursday, July 16, 2009

blogathon helper

my mommy jen is the charity diva for blogathon 2009. she has been busy with the daniel kitten so i did one of her charity highlights for her. you can read it here.

don't forget to visit mommy's blogathon site and sponsor her.


Sunday, July 12, 2009

snuggling with the daniel kitten

mommy is home on wednesday and thursdays again and those mornings are spent snuggling with her and the daniel kitten. he likes to sleep and mommy will let me curl up next to him. it is good when he sleeps because he yells when he does not get to.

mommy got a special picture frame for work and she is going through her photos right now to find good pictures to put in it. it takes pictures from the computer and does a slideshow. i have told her which pictures of me she should put in. i think it is mostly for daniel kitten pictures though.

i have scabs on my chin so mommy has to clean it every day. i hate it when she cleans it but she has told me that i will have to see the panther doctor if it does not clear up so i am tolerating it.


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

please sponsor mommy in the blogathon

here is a message from my mommy (jen):

I'm participating in Blogathon 2009 to raise money for the Preeclampsia Foundation as I'm a survivor of HELLP Syndrome. Please sponsor me. No amount is too small and it is all very much appreciated. My Blogathon site is here.

mommy had to deliver the daniel kitten early because of the hellp syndrome and she is raising money to enable researchers to find out what causes it and how to treat mommies who get it with their babies.


Sunday, June 28, 2009

the daniel kitten has such cool stuff!

the daniel kitten has such cool toys! he does not know how to play with them either!

me playing with the hanging thingies on one of his daniel chairs that vibrates

grandma convinced mommy to let me play with the chair and sleep in it until daniel is old enough to appreciate it.


Monday, June 22, 2009

mommy is busy

grandma and grandpa left on the 13th. mommy has not had time to help me update because she and daddy are now having to take care of the daniel kitten on their own. mommy calls him "little bear" because he gets growly when it is his feeding time.

they had to take him to a special eye doctor in missoula last week. mommy is still traumatized from having to watch the exam. (she has told me not to ask.) they were only gone overnight. it was a lot of driving though and the daniel kitten did very well and did not complain through any of it. i would have been howling the whole time.

there are birds nests outside a lot of the windows and i wish i was an outside panther so i could go birding!!!


Thursday, June 11, 2009

pictures of the daniel kitten

here are some daniel pictures that mommy told me that i could post. currently, he is up in the study with us in his daniel chair that vibrates.

this is from when they baptized him in the hospital during his first week. daddy's paw is on top and mommy's is on the bottom.

the daniel kitten and mommy when she got to hold him for the first time in april.

the daniel kitten during bathtime

mommy with the daniel kitten now that he's home. (yes... mommy knows that she's short.)

daddy reading to the daniel kitten.

me supervising daniel's diaper change.

mommy appreciates that i am a very helpful panther. daniel was being howly on tuesday morning and she was sitting on the recliner with him and had her prayer shawl over her. i jumped up, curled up around the daniel kitten, and purred until he went to sleep. mommy appreciated me being a lap panther and grandma would have taken a picture if she had her camera near her at the time.

grandma and grandpa (mommy's parents) are here for the week and grandma has been giving us stinky wet catfood to make us like her. i already like her because she pets me and cuddles me but i don't mind the extra snacks.


Monday, June 8, 2009

freya meets the tomkitten

my sister freya was upstairs with mommy and decided that she wanted to meet the daniel kitten. she was about to go nose-to-nose with him when he shot puke out his mouth and it almost hit her. down the stairs she ran and into the bedroom. she is hiding and sulking right now. mommy is laughing. she says that it was worth the clean-up to see freya almost puked on. i am glad that the daniel kitten does not puke near me!!!


Sunday, June 7, 2009

the kitten is home

the daniel kitten arrived home today. he is very small and meows a lot. mommy let me smell him while daddy was feeding him and then i came and investigated while mommy was sitting with him. i think i will have to help with feedings. they smell good.


Saturday, June 6, 2009

tomkitten homecoming

mommy got a call at work on thursday saying that the daniel kitten was getting ready to come home and that they needed her and daddy to come stay at the hospital with him for a couple nights so that the nurses could make sure they knew how to take care of him. this put mommy into a tailspin because she and daddy were not ready to be getting the daniel kitten so soon.

my babysitter drew came over on thursday night and helped mommy and daddy put the daniel bed and the daniel table together. mommy and daddy also did lots of cleaning so the evil machine was out and running a lot. they are in great falls now with him and i know people are talking about mommy and daddy not getting much sleep. i do not understand this but i am a black cat and i sleep many hours a day. maybe i can help them with this problem?


Saturday, May 23, 2009


huffle got tagged to do a shopping meme and made her mommy do it. even though her mommy did not tag my mommy, i still asked her to do it while she was sitting at the hospital today with the daniel kitten. so mommy, what have you never bought?

well sweetheart...

1.) i have never bought dog food.
2.) i have never bought cigarettes.
3.) i have never bought brussel sprouts. (my family calls them "gag bags".)
4.) i have never bought birkenstocks (though i want a pair).
5.) i have never bought baby formula though that will change shortly.
6.) i have never bought a food processor.
7.) i have never bought chard.
8.) i have never bought one of those carpeted cat towers. don't look at me like that! you and your siblings have lots of ledges and windows.

thank you mommy!


Friday, May 22, 2009

update on life other than the daniel kitten

mommy has been gone a lot so i have not been able to use her laptop to update this blog. she is back to work again so she can save some of her mommy leave for when the daniel kitten comes home. she is also in great falls on the days when she is not working.

last night, my brother cullen and i had to snuggle mommy because she got home from two days in great falls and was not feeling well. her ickiness turned into a migraine and so she stayed home from work today to sleep and try to get some rest.

daddy is gone to great falls right now and is also having a hard day because a teenager in the community was shot and killed last night. the phone started ringing at 2 a.m. (waking us all up) with calls from other pastors in the community trying to set up grief counseling for the teenagers at the high school in town. mommy is very sad because the mother of the teenager was one of the nurses taking care of her the night the daniel kitten was born.

on a good note, mommy and i received a package on tuesday. it was a kitten present of bathtime stuff for the daniel kitten from huffle and her mommy. i will have to have mommy help me write a thank-you note and i promise to use my best paw-manship.

other than that, i have been watching the birds and bunnies playing outside. it is spring here and it seems like all of our wild neighbors are out playing.


Sunday, May 10, 2009

spring is here!

mommy has been taking the laptop with her to great falls so i have not been able to get on to blog.

the daniel kitten is doing well and gaining weight. he is one month old now and growing big. the only problem is that he tends to cough up his food when mommy and daddy are cuddling him. he managed to cough some up and make it go down mommy's shirt last sunday. he got away with it because he is cute. i don't think mommy would tolerate it from me or from my siblings.

when mommy comes home, my brother cullen and i have snuggle time with her. she loves it though she gets a little cross when i jump onto her tummy scar or when i put my claws into her chest.

spring is here and the snow is (hopefully) gone. there are lots of birds and bunnies outside for me to watch. i like being a window cat when it is sunny. mommy likes it because she says it warms me up nicely.


Thursday, April 30, 2009

snow is icky

mommy and daddy are finally back. daddy was in alaska and mommy was in great falls with the daniel kitten. they were supposed to come home yesterday but they got too much snow and the road got closed. i was not a happy panther!

mommy told me that the daniel kitten is breathing on his own now and she got to hold him for the first time this weekend. he is smaller than me still but she said that won't be for long. he is having problems eating and pooping so they are having to give him medicine for his tummy.

mommy got to help give him a bath and she said that he did not like it. i can understand that. i did not like baths when i was a kitten.


Saturday, April 18, 2009

time with mommy

mommy and daddy have been down in great falls every day with the daniel kitten. mommy calls about him when she gets up in the morning and before she goes to bed. she says that he is doing well and that he will be able to come home in 8 weeks.

mommy still has a sore tummy from where they had to take daniel out. i have to be careful on her lap because she winces if my back paws end up on her incision site. she does not have fur so she does not have to worry about it growing back. the fur has never grown back over the spot on me where they made sure i was not going to have any kittens.

i am happy to have her home again. i missed her when she was at the hospital with daniel.


Monday, April 13, 2009

new little tomkitten

mommy got home on saturday night. daddy had tried to explain to me why i was suddenly left with my babysitters but i'm not sure i understand. mommy had her tomkitten but they are making her keep it at the hospital until it is much bigger. are they afraid that my sister freya will eat it?

mommy has been spending her home time sleeping on the couch. i have helped her as much as i can. my brother cullen is also helping her. she and daddy are having to spend part of their day down in the big city so they can see the daniel tomkitten so she is tired when she comes home.

mommy also wanted me to share the link to his caringbridge site:



Wednesday, April 8, 2009

tomkitten comes early

This is Jen, Edda's mommy. Edda hasn't been able to blog since Sunday because I got really sick and they had to take me down to the special hospital and take the tomkitten out. The tomkitten's name is Daniel James and he was born on Tuesday morning (April 7th) at 3:46 a.m. MDT. He's in the NICU for the forseeable future and I'm in the hospital for at least another few days. I miss Edda and her siblings terribly and wish I could have them down here with me. Thankfully, Edda has her favorite babysitter and her daddy will be home tonight.

Thank you for all the purring done on my behalf. Please continue to keep Daniel and I in your purrs and prayers and thoughts.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

mommy on bedrest

the tomkitten in mommy's tummy is making her blood pressure too high. bad tomkitten!

because of this, mommy's vet has ordered her to be on bedrest for four days until they can get her blood pressure down. mommy is growly about this because she hates bedrest. i do not understand this but i am also a black cat and i like my naps.

daddy will be gone for most of it and he has asked my siblings and i to help mommy stay in bed. this means extra snuggles for us but also probably no blogging. please think good thoughts and purr hard for my mommy.


Tuesday, March 31, 2009

broken cat sauna

we had icky white stuff on sunday. i am not a happy black cat!!!

in addition, my cat sauna (mommy's space heater) broke on sunday. i like using daddy's space heater because it is on the floor and more powerful than mommy's but still... it took mommy three days to try and replace my cat sauna and the stores aren't selling them right now. what is wrong with those stupid human people running the stores?!?!?!?!?! i am a black cat! i need a working cat sauna!!!!

daddy is sick now so he was on the couch today with me and my brother cullen. mommy is going to have to spray the stinky stuff on the couch to kill the germs even though she has the same cold. she was very sick last week with a throat infection so cullen and i had to help her sleep and take naps. the tomkitten in her belly is also doing strange things so she has had to stay lying down.


Saturday, March 21, 2009

warming up here in montana

mommy is very happy. she got to wear her flip flops for the first time since september this week. i guess spring has started and that means that there will not be any more snow... i hope. (mommy hopes so too. last year, they got a surprise storm in april and mommy had to be plowed out of the driveway so she could go to work.)

daniel (the tomkitten in mommy's belly) is making her hold on to water so two fingers on her right front paw are swollen. (she can type with the other 8 fingers on her front paw so she can transcribe my post for me.) her back paws are also a little swollen so her doctor had to give her a special pill to make the water leave. she also spends a lot of time with her swollen paw in the air to see if gravity will not help the water go away too.


Thursday, March 12, 2009

catching up on the panther front

i have not posted in a couple weeks because mommy (who helps me blog) has been having a hard time. things are crazy for her at work and in daddy's parish so she comes home and curls up under a quilt on the couch most days.

daniel (the tomkitten in her) is kicking hard and has learned how to stick his foot between her ribs. the kicking is so hard that she has problems sleeping so my brother cullen and i have to help her with it.

today, she woke up with her paws all swollen and her vet had to give her splints to wear to get the swelling down. she also has to watch her salt because her mommy and her vet think that it was too much salt that started the swelling.

on the good side, her sinus infection is gone unlike mr. hendrix's mommy who is on her second antibiotic.

we had cold and snow here this week and last. mommy is not happy because she really wants to wear her flip flops. i am not happy because it is very white outside!


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

lenten cat

it's the beginning of lent in our house which means that mommy and daddy give things up or take things on. mommy is giving up swearing and daddy is taking some things on though he hasn't told me or my siblings what that is. daddy is already a vegetarian but mommy is not eating meat on fridays until after easter or on certain days like today.

mommy and daddy have church tonight but the daniel kitten in mommy's belly is giving her tummy problems so she is not feeling like going. daddy is also almost out of ashes and is trying to come up with a substitute. i suggested black furs (as i have some to spare) but i don't think he liked that idea.


Sunday, February 22, 2009

mommy does not like taxes

mommy is stuck at her computer today with her checkbook and email putting numbers into forms. she has to do this every year and it makes her very grumpy. she cannot find one of daddy's pieces of paper right now (i think it is called a w-2) and this is making her not happy.

i would be up in the study helping her with it but my sister freya is up there and gets crabby when i am in there with her and mommy. (mommy jokes that it is freya's study and that freya lets her borrow it.)

the white stuff is muchly gone from the ground here (which makes mommy very happy) but it is still not warm enough for mommy to wear her flip-flops outside. mommy is looking forward to that weather very much!

meanwhile, daddy was skiing with his church kittens yesterday so mommy and the others and i had a sleep-in morning with my cat sauna on the whole time. i was a happy panther!


Monday, February 16, 2009

valencat's day

for valencat's day, mommy gave us tuna with a catnip garnish. i also got to sleep in front of my cat heater all day.

life is good. except for the white outside.


Friday, February 13, 2009


it is snowing outside!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it is all white out there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i am a black cat! what am i to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sunday, February 8, 2009


mommy was in great falls yesterday for a meeting so daddy had one of his church people over. i was a good panther and came out to love him up and help them make german potato dumpling soup. i even let steve (the man from church) pick me up and pet me. mommy has been praising me and telling me that i am a good panther for that. she even brought my siblings and i home some catnip mouses.

mommy had a bad back this week so my brothers and i had to take care of her. (my sister freya is her bodyguard -- the rest of us snuggle her.) i think the tomkitten in her tummy is kicking her in her back. i don't think this is fair -- we're not allowed to rabbit-kick each other so why does the tomkitten get to do it???


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

the type of kitten in mommy's belly

when mommy got home from her special pregnancy vet appointment today, she told me that...

i'm getting a little brother.

yes, it's a little tomkitten in mommy's belly who was more interested in playing with his feet and doing somersaults than letting the person take pictures of the inside of mommy's tummy. it's a healthy tomkitten though so mommy and daddy (and the rest of the family) are very happy.

it's name will be daniel james and it will be leaving mommy's belly in late june.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

super bowl plans

it's super bowl sunday here in the usa and i have a simple super bowl plan for today:


mommy wants to watch the commercials (she says they are the only good thing about the super bowl) and daddy wants to watch the football so i will have two laps where i can take a nap and get cuddles.

mommy is going down to great falls on tuesday to get high-definition pictures of the kitten in her belly. she will find out then if it is a girl or boy.


Friday, January 30, 2009


mommy and i are sad today because my friend carolina crossed over to the rainbow bridge.

Godspeed carolina! may i see you again one day!


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

my experiment

huffle suggested that i try purring on mommy's tummy to see what the kitten in her belly would do. i couldn't feel it move because mommy had a quilt over her as well as a t-shirt on but mommy said that the baby was moving. then again, mommy was also home on the couch because the baby was making her throw up. she has had that happen a lot lately. i didn't know that she would not be going to church so i woke her up at 7:30 because i thought she had to be up that early. oops! she was happy to have snuggles though.

it has been cold with lots of wind this week. i am not a happy panther because it makes the windows cold and i am a window panther. mommy is not happy because it makes the air outside colder and makes her skin all nasty and dry. mommy says that it is supposed to get warmer. i am hoping she is right.


Thursday, January 22, 2009

snow coming back

we had nice warm weather for a couple days but the snow is coming back!!! i am not a happy panther and mommy is not happy because it means she has to drive to work in it.

mommy definitely has a tummy right now. the kitten in her belly is moving and clawing at the outside which is not making mommy happy at times because it keeps her awake and it has made her sick for the last two days. (my brothers have been on "mommy-helping" duty today.) she is also only allowed to pick me up now because my brothers and sister freya are too heavy. it's good that i like being picked up and cuddled. :)

for those who wanted to know, i can't feel the baby moving in mommy's tummy yet. mommy says it will be another few weeks before i can feel it. my brother cullen likes to sit on mommy's tummy when she lies down and purr which she says makes the baby happy. i will have to purr on mommy's tummy sometime and see what happens.


Sunday, January 18, 2009

silly mommy and daddy

this morning, mommy forgot the stuff she was going to take to church so she had to come back in. i was being a window panther and she climbed through the snow to the window and was trying to make me follow her fingers with my nose. silly mommy! i am a much more dignified panther than that!

(response from jen, edda's mommy: "RIIIIIIIIIGHT!")

when daddy finally got home today, he was dressed in his pastor suit... which is all black like me!!! silly daddy! you are a human, not a panther!

(mommy is feeling better by the way and the kitten in her belly is just fine.)


Saturday, January 17, 2009

plz iz can it be caturday?

mommy has the title on an image she is trying to make for the desktop background on her work computer.

it has warmed up a lot and i like being a window panther. the sun has been shining and the snow is going away slowly. mommy says we will get more but she seems to like the snow going away too.

mommy had a stressful week and had to spend wednesday and thursday under a quilt on the couch. her panic attacks were too bad for her to work on wednesday and she had a stress migraine on thursday. i spent as much time cuddled up with her as i could and i think it made her feel better.


Saturday, January 10, 2009

snow everywhere

we eventually got the big drifts of snow plowed away last weekend and mommy was able to go out and do what she needed to do. we have not had any new snow but what we have has been blown around so it is white almost every day outside. it also warmed up this week so we have had ice. this has not made mommy or daddy very happy.

she worked all five days of her week and she was happy about that because she was not able to do that during the first part of her time having the kitten in her belly. she was always happy to cuddle me when she got home this week and i slept with her as much as i could.

mommy and daddy saw mommy's vet on tuesday and they got to hear the kitten's heartbeat! mommy also felt the kitten move for the first time last night. i can tell the kitten is growing because mommy is starting to have a bigger tummy.


Friday, January 2, 2009

major snow day

mommy was leaving for work this morning when someone from her work called and told her not to come in. the roads were icky up north and only emergency vehicles were being allowed. she came back in, put her sleepy pants back on, and settled in to cuddle with me.

when we got up from the cuddle, mommy looked outside and the world was completely white. the wind was blowing all the snow around and there was a big pile of it by the garage door. mommy decided that she would stay in today after all. :)

the wind has stopped blowing and the white has settled down. daddy has to shovel tomorrow because mommy is not allowed to shovel with the kitten in her belly. i think mommy wants out of the house tomorrow but i don't know if she will be able to go.


Thursday, January 1, 2009

first day of 2009

i helped mommy sleep in today before daddy came in and decided that we were going to watch the rose parade from pasadena. if mommy wasn't eating and was on the couch, i was on her lap or at her feet making up for the 5 days of cuddle time that i did not get! mommy seemed happy to have snuggle time with me.

it is still white outside and i am not a happy cat. why does winter have to come?!?!?!?! i know mommy is not happy about having to drive to work in the snow tomorrow. she might not have to work the whole day but she does not want to have to get up and drive up there. thankfully, daddy gave her $30 in itunes gift cards so she has some new music.

mommy also has her new laptop up and she said she would post some new pics of me next week.