Wednesday, July 14, 2010

i purr the fifth

daddy found a lizard with no tail in the bathtub this morning. he asked all of us who did it.

i am saying nothing.

(it was probably freya.)


Thursday, July 8, 2010

lap kitty

every time the daniel kitten is on mommy's lap, i come over and try to grab lap time too. whenever daddy is feeding him, i take over mommy's lap. today, i took over her lap when she was about to get up and go to $tarbux for internet time.

at night, i sleep at her feet. i think mommy would prefer that i sleep on her but i give her something soft to touch with her toes.

i hope the daniel kitten is still sleeping when mommy gets home so i can have more lap time.


Monday, July 5, 2010

indoor huntress

mommy is still marvelling at how i managed to catch a bird by batting under the screen door. she was gone doing errands and daddy was home. daddy took it away from me and let it go outside. mommy is referring to me as miss artemis now. :)

the daniel kitten is getting physical therapy now to get him caught up on his development. he gets very angry with mommy when she does the exercises with him but she practices sitting up correctly with him, tucking his feet under him when he is on his tummy, and she is playing clapping games with him. i don't want the daniel kitten to crawl because he will be able to chase us but mommy says he needs to do it.

independence day was yesterday and people were setting fireworks off everwhere even though doing that was a $1000 fine. mommy commented on how she thought we were being bombed with all the explosions outside. the daniel kitten slept through it and all us kitties were in the living room with mommy.