Friday, January 30, 2009


mommy and i are sad today because my friend carolina crossed over to the rainbow bridge.

Godspeed carolina! may i see you again one day!


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

my experiment

huffle suggested that i try purring on mommy's tummy to see what the kitten in her belly would do. i couldn't feel it move because mommy had a quilt over her as well as a t-shirt on but mommy said that the baby was moving. then again, mommy was also home on the couch because the baby was making her throw up. she has had that happen a lot lately. i didn't know that she would not be going to church so i woke her up at 7:30 because i thought she had to be up that early. oops! she was happy to have snuggles though.

it has been cold with lots of wind this week. i am not a happy panther because it makes the windows cold and i am a window panther. mommy is not happy because it makes the air outside colder and makes her skin all nasty and dry. mommy says that it is supposed to get warmer. i am hoping she is right.


Thursday, January 22, 2009

snow coming back

we had nice warm weather for a couple days but the snow is coming back!!! i am not a happy panther and mommy is not happy because it means she has to drive to work in it.

mommy definitely has a tummy right now. the kitten in her belly is moving and clawing at the outside which is not making mommy happy at times because it keeps her awake and it has made her sick for the last two days. (my brothers have been on "mommy-helping" duty today.) she is also only allowed to pick me up now because my brothers and sister freya are too heavy. it's good that i like being picked up and cuddled. :)

for those who wanted to know, i can't feel the baby moving in mommy's tummy yet. mommy says it will be another few weeks before i can feel it. my brother cullen likes to sit on mommy's tummy when she lies down and purr which she says makes the baby happy. i will have to purr on mommy's tummy sometime and see what happens.


Sunday, January 18, 2009

silly mommy and daddy

this morning, mommy forgot the stuff she was going to take to church so she had to come back in. i was being a window panther and she climbed through the snow to the window and was trying to make me follow her fingers with my nose. silly mommy! i am a much more dignified panther than that!

(response from jen, edda's mommy: "RIIIIIIIIIGHT!")

when daddy finally got home today, he was dressed in his pastor suit... which is all black like me!!! silly daddy! you are a human, not a panther!

(mommy is feeling better by the way and the kitten in her belly is just fine.)


Saturday, January 17, 2009

plz iz can it be caturday?

mommy has the title on an image she is trying to make for the desktop background on her work computer.

it has warmed up a lot and i like being a window panther. the sun has been shining and the snow is going away slowly. mommy says we will get more but she seems to like the snow going away too.

mommy had a stressful week and had to spend wednesday and thursday under a quilt on the couch. her panic attacks were too bad for her to work on wednesday and she had a stress migraine on thursday. i spent as much time cuddled up with her as i could and i think it made her feel better.


Saturday, January 10, 2009

snow everywhere

we eventually got the big drifts of snow plowed away last weekend and mommy was able to go out and do what she needed to do. we have not had any new snow but what we have has been blown around so it is white almost every day outside. it also warmed up this week so we have had ice. this has not made mommy or daddy very happy.

she worked all five days of her week and she was happy about that because she was not able to do that during the first part of her time having the kitten in her belly. she was always happy to cuddle me when she got home this week and i slept with her as much as i could.

mommy and daddy saw mommy's vet on tuesday and they got to hear the kitten's heartbeat! mommy also felt the kitten move for the first time last night. i can tell the kitten is growing because mommy is starting to have a bigger tummy.


Friday, January 2, 2009

major snow day

mommy was leaving for work this morning when someone from her work called and told her not to come in. the roads were icky up north and only emergency vehicles were being allowed. she came back in, put her sleepy pants back on, and settled in to cuddle with me.

when we got up from the cuddle, mommy looked outside and the world was completely white. the wind was blowing all the snow around and there was a big pile of it by the garage door. mommy decided that she would stay in today after all. :)

the wind has stopped blowing and the white has settled down. daddy has to shovel tomorrow because mommy is not allowed to shovel with the kitten in her belly. i think mommy wants out of the house tomorrow but i don't know if she will be able to go.


Thursday, January 1, 2009

first day of 2009

i helped mommy sleep in today before daddy came in and decided that we were going to watch the rose parade from pasadena. if mommy wasn't eating and was on the couch, i was on her lap or at her feet making up for the 5 days of cuddle time that i did not get! mommy seemed happy to have snuggle time with me.

it is still white outside and i am not a happy cat. why does winter have to come?!?!?!?! i know mommy is not happy about having to drive to work in the snow tomorrow. she might not have to work the whole day but she does not want to have to get up and drive up there. thankfully, daddy gave her $30 in itunes gift cards so she has some new music.

mommy also has her new laptop up and she said she would post some new pics of me next week.