Sunday, September 7, 2008

napping on sunday

first, a picture from the edda archives:

this fits into our theme for today: napping!

i'm a cat so of course i am an expert on napping. i do like to play (and mommy will agree that i play quite ferciously) but i also like to sleep and i've put together a list of my favorite sleepy spots.

[+] the bed: no explanation needed here. it's even better if mommy and daddy forget to make it in the morning and i can get the sheets all furry. they have soft pima cotton flannel sheets so an unmade bed is a soft sleeping spot.

[+] the back of the couch: this works if my brother finian isn't there already. i like it because the place where the couch meets the wall has a little bit of space and forms a little trough for me to lie down in. if mommy or daddy are sitting or lying on the couch, it also creates a place for them to adore me.

[+] the recliner: this is where daddy likes to sit and he has some stuffed foxes by there. i like kneading on the foxes and curling up in the recliner afterwards. it's even better if cullen is there because he lets me take naps with him. daddy also won't move me if i'm there and will instead find another place to sit.

[+] a kitchen chair: this spot works well because i am relatively high in the air and can survey what is happening on the floor. it also hides me from humans who might be walking through the house. my sister freya likes to sleep here as well and mommy calls it the "panther/jaguar in a tree" spot.

[+] the floor: it's not my first choice but you can't beat the floor. it's a nice flat surface and frequently i can find a sunbeam to warm me up. best of all, i can sprawl out and if mommy sees me, she'll pick me up and love me and put me in a much more comfortable sleepy spot, especially if she wants to take a nap.



Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

I'm khurrently napping on the floor -

And believe it or not, that is where I spend my overnight hours - I start out on the bed BUT as soon as Mom rolls over to start sleeping, I'm off -

I do spend much of the day keeping her bed safe though!


Tracey and Huffle said...

I don't usually sleep on the floor, unless it's squished in between the heater and the couch. Usually I sleep on mum and dad's bed.

Huffle Mawson