Tuesday, September 2, 2008

sauna time and strange people in the house

here is a picture from the vault:

From Blogger Pictures

i'm on the bed looking at mommy sideways.

after mommy put the flashy thing away, i came back up to have sauna time. this time, i slept on mommy's feet and made them all toasty warm. after she finished on the computer, she picked me up and carried me downstairs and we had snuggle time on the couch while she and daddy watched tv.

mommy didn't want to get up this morning and i had to give her a five minute wake-up snuggle to entice her to get up. she was gone until late today and before she got home, daddy let some strange men into the house. i've seen them before when they've come to fix the water and the furnace but i couldn't remember who they were exactly. thankfully, they stayed in the conference room and office where they met with daddy about church things. we cats aren't allowed in there and the strange humans don't usually come into the living quarters of the house.

when mommy came home, her fur was different -- shorter i think and it smelled weird. why do humans do things with their fur? (a note from edda's mommy jen: i cut an inch or so off my hair. edda noticed because it smells like the shampoo they use where i got it cut.)

mommy is really tired tonight so i am going to go downstairs to snuggle her and help her fall asleep.



Tracey and Huffle said...

You are so nice to your mummy Edda! I hope my mum doesn't read this and get ideas about how I should behave.

Huffle Mawson

jen said...

huffle, edda is a love. it's in her nature. she's the cat who comes and greets visitors. she has also always been a mama's girl since the day we brought her home almost 5 years ago which is why she gives me wake-up snuggles. unlike you though, she doesn't like to sleep under quilts so i don't get warm kitty snuggles from her -- she's always on top of the quilts.

she does have her naughty times though so your mommy shouldn't get the idea that my little love is an angel all the time.

- jen (edda's mommy)