Sunday, September 14, 2008

embarrassing story time!

this is edda's mommy, jen. these pictures were taken about two and a half years ago.

i was on the second floor when i noticed that the door to the guest room was open.

i went in and saw that there was a lump in the bed. what could it be???

possibly someone who wasn't supposed to be in there??? silly edda!

in my defense, i would like to say that it was nice and private there. freya has her own floor -- i need my own space!

i woke mommy up 30 minutes before her alarm went off and we had snuggle time. i know she would have liked to stay in bed after her alarm went off but she had to shower, eat breakfast, take her yucky pills (jen's note: they're fish oil capsules -- they're pretty yucky), and use the noisy machine to dry her hair. church is now at a farther away building so she was gone a long time today!!! i did get petting time when she came home though.

mommy has been busy on the computer doing her own blogging and downloading things to put on her ipod. it's name is "panimatushka" (jen: "pastor's wife" in ukranian -- all my electronics are named after some title for a pastor's wife) and it's light green. mommy listens to it on her drive to work, when she isn't having to talk to people at work, and on her way home. she likes shows from npr, cbc, and the bbc. she also listens to singers and bands like nickel creek, loreena mckennitt, maire brennan, selah, and simon & garfunkel.

right now, daddy is downstairs watching basketball with my brothers cullen and finian. mommy is going downstairs shortly to finish making dinner. i think i'll go help her.

(to mickey and huffle: i didn't get a special treat for guarding mommy except for extra playtime and cuddle time.)



Thor and Marco Polo and 3 Kats said...

Meow Meow Edda

We do that same thing - we hide under Mom's comforter. It keeps us warm especially during the long cold winter of Iowa.

Mama, MrSippi and Carolina

Tracey and Huffle said...

I do that too Edda! I usually go under mum's doona and stay there to keep toasty warm. Sometimes I use my own big bed in my own bedroom but I like mum's bed better. A cat needs her own space.

Huffle Mawson