Thursday, October 2, 2008

extra care required

here's a picture from 4 years ago of me helping mommy with her crocheting.

some of you asked about my mommy's headaches. she is doing ok with them right now... but she has a bad chest infection which is making her cough up snotballs. (they are like hairballs but grosser.) she went to work with a fever and chills yesterday and when she came home, she collapsed on the couch and stayed there all last night except for a break to check her email.

this morning, she got up late and went to her vet. her vet told her that she had a rapid-moving bronchial infection and put her on some powerful antibiotics to fight it before it affects her asthma. when she has trouble with her asthma, she has to use her machine -- she calls it a "nebulizer". i have not seen her use it since last summer when we had bad smoke from forest fires nearby. when i was snuggling with her today, she was talking to her mommy and told her that they are catching this early before it hit her lungs which is why she doesn't have to use it.

after her trip to her vet, she came home, changed into a t-shirt and taebo pants, and crashed on the couch. my brother cullen appointed himself her nurse so he has been sleeping on or next to her and purring as hard as he can to loosen the junk in her chest. i gave cullen a break for awhile and snuggled with her as well. i hope she stays home from work again tomorrow so i can have extra cuddle time but i think she will go into work if she is feeling better.

carolina/mrsippi/mama: mommy sent her ears to my grandpa (daddy's daddy) for his graduation from the cats program at fuller seminary. he sent them back and if she does not dress up as hermione from harry potter, she might wear her cat ears again for halloween.



Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Make sure to take extra special khare of your mom1

Happy Weekend!


Daisy said...

Oh dear, I hope your mom will feel all better soon!

Thor and Marco Polo and 3 Kats said...

Meow Meow Edda

You certainly take very good care of your Mommy! I hope she is better quickly so she can use her kitty-kat ears again for Halloween
Mama, MrSippi and Carolina