Sunday, February 22, 2009

mommy does not like taxes

mommy is stuck at her computer today with her checkbook and email putting numbers into forms. she has to do this every year and it makes her very grumpy. she cannot find one of daddy's pieces of paper right now (i think it is called a w-2) and this is making her not happy.

i would be up in the study helping her with it but my sister freya is up there and gets crabby when i am in there with her and mommy. (mommy jokes that it is freya's study and that freya lets her borrow it.)

the white stuff is muchly gone from the ground here (which makes mommy very happy) but it is still not warm enough for mommy to wear her flip-flops outside. mommy is looking forward to that weather very much!

meanwhile, daddy was skiing with his church kittens yesterday so mommy and the others and i had a sleep-in morning with my cat sauna on the whole time. i was a happy panther!


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Tracey and Huffle said...

So I guess you are not all freaked out about the white ground now Edda?

Huffle Mawson