Wednesday, June 29, 2011

calming down

i have informed mommy that it has been two months since she helped me post and that this is unacceptable. she told me that if i wanted to make phone calls and yell at people for her, she would help me blog. we compromised on me cuddling her at all opportune times and being her petting cat while she yelled at social security and various doctor's offices.

another reason that mommy has not posted much is that she has been gone to a family wedding, the promise walk for preeclampsia (we raised $200), family gatherings, a family funeral, and all the errands she has to do with the daniel kitten. the daniel kitten also objects to her being on her laptop when he is awake so she has to sneak on when he is taking a nap, when daddy is home, or when the daniel kitten is asleep.

summer has come to northern california and we had a week where the temperatures were in the 100's. we have air-conditioning so i did not notice too much but mommy whined about having to go outside to do errands or to work in the garden. some snails also ate her beans and some of her basil so she has been grumping about that. she replaced the basil and put down some snail bait that is so icky that she had to shower after using it.

the daniel kitten is pretty much all recovered from his hospital stay. mommy still has to give him shots but that will hopefully be over soon. his crawling has gotten faster and he is almost walking on his own. i am not approving of this.



Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

I sure Mr Hendrix will ofFUR woo some pointers about DK's toddling after woo!

It's purry nice to see woo HERE again!


Huffle Mawson said...

You are going to have to keep your tail out of his way soon, Edda!