Wednesday, December 31, 2008

happy new year!

mommy and daddy are back from seattle. mommy was hissing about the traffic there -- apparently, the people there cannot drive in good weather and are even worse drivers in snowy/slushy weather. i am glad that i was not up there for their big snow -- it would have been very confusing for a black cat like me. mommy said that she and members of her family had to dig the snow and ice out of her grandma's driveway. i don't think my paws would have helped with that!

mommy and daddy also had to climb through some big piles of snow to get to a car that could take them to the airport on saturday morning. again, i am glad that i was not there -- i would have been buried in the snow and mommy said that she almost was!

they had a good trip though. they stayed with mommy's grandma and got to see mommy's parents and members of mommy's family. they left us (!!!!) but we had our favorite babysitter. mommy's godmother also made us catnip toys with the bestest catnip in the world. (mommy says it comes from a place called pike place market in seattle. wilbur, does your mommy get you catnip from there?) we have played with our catnip toys all evening. :)

mommy said she missed us but she had to love up her grandma's kitty whose name is emily. emily is a calico cat and looks like a smushed-together version of my brother cullen and i. she is fluffy and black with red tabby splotches. i would like to meet her someday if i can go to seattle with mommy.



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Tracey and Huffle said...

Happy new year Edda! I hope you and your family have a great 2009. Mum says she has been to the Pike Place Market (she has also met Wilbur's mum and dad) but she didn't get any catnip there.

Huffle Mawson